Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rubicon Project and Why Why Economy Won’t Hurt Online Ad Spend!

This morning I read this interview by ADOTAS that I found to be very informative. It also prompted me to pay more attention to Rubicon Project as well. I think the following snippet should give you an idea of the complete interview that explains why we should advertise our advertising.

ADOTAS: What inspired you to create the Rubicon Project? What did you think was missing in the market?

ADDANTE: Mainly we felt that there was an intense need within the market for a neutral party that would benefit both ad networks and publishers. Online advertising is a huge $27 billion industry, but still 80% of the inventory goes unsold. This is a huge drain in the revenue publishers could be making.

A huge growth spurt in ad networks has occurred over the last few years – there were about 15 ad networks seven years ago and today there are almost 400 different networks. The link between these networks and web publishers was inefficient. There was a huge need for a manageable solution — this is what the Rubicon Project sets out to provide.

Adotas Kathleen, interviews Addante.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Geemodo Continues DoFollow Series

Geemodo has a new post on DOFollow and NoFollow that we starte a while ago.

Geemodo: DoFollow, Do You Know If They Really Follow You?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

50 Cents, The Rapper Does Not Like Taco Bell Advertising Tricks

Everybody like publicity but there seem to good publicity and bad publicity, when it comes to 50 Cent. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, does not like bad publicity. So he has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell for using his name and likeness without permission.
Among the claims are, trademark dilution, false designation of sponsorship, unjust enrichment and a violation of his civil rights, among other claims for which he and his lawyers are seeking $4 million in damages.
Taco Bell seem to have created this ill fated stunt and leaked to press via OK magazine. "It's publicity they couldn't have gotten, because he would very likely not have agreed to endorse it even if they paid him," said Mr. Jackson's lawyer, Peter D. Raymond of Reed Smith. "He doesn't tend to endorse those kinds of things, low-end fast food."
So live with it Taco Bell, now you are at the low end!
Read more at Advertising Age.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Future Ads On NASA!

I could not help imagining and laughing at this no laughing matter! What do you think the ads will cost?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keywords SEO! Before Posting That Blog Post You Just Created....

Search Engine Keywords or SEO Keywords are something that we all look for but we never remember those when we all write good posts crappy posts and no posts (that does not bring in any readers other than yourself!) But what do we do before posting? If you answered checking spelling (you do that?) rereading or any other answer related to composing, you are a little far away from the answer I am going to give you, I read a post on SEOmoz and thought whay did not I think of that. But that did not stop me from following his advice before posting this post, in a few minutes.
The advice is basically to use keyword search before posting your meticously crafted blog post. Perhaps you might be able to find some niche to plug your post into.
But in addition to the keyword search advice, the numerous comments left by various poeple who are giants of Blogsphere and unknown people like me, will certainly increase your knowledge, in a few folds. Follow this link below for the complete advice from SEOmoz. Sphere: Related Content

Adverising! The Viral Products. TechCrunch Rides The Popularity To A Low Cost Tablet PC

Of course I have a tablet PC, no two if you count Nokia N810 as a tablet pc. The Techcrunch Tablet pc is not much different from Nokia N810 as TC is asking for "Just a Macbook Air-thin touch screen machine that runs Firefox and possibly Skype on top of a Linux kernel." The Nokia tablet has all these qualities. Perhaps TC wants a larger screen? (Yes Michael mentioned in a comment that he wants a larger screen.)
So basically they are looking for hardware to fit open source Nokia N810 platform that is available from
From the responses at the initial post and the project site (see below) this might be something to look at. Yes I am happy with my Nokia N810 but if there is a tablet with larger screen like my IBM X61, I will jump. Heck at $200 I will join the project!
If you want to contribute, the project is here. Due to large number of comments, now the comments are here.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Unsavory Porn Ads On Google AdSense?

I found this information at search engine roundtable about a forum discussion within DigitalPoint Forums. The discussion is all about that some websites get adult oriented ads, read porn ads being delivered via Google AdSense on sites.I have not seen any on my sites or the sites that I visit. Then again I do not have any adult stuff on my sites either. SER also mentions that there should not be adult ads appearing on publisher sites if the follow AdSense guidelines, that clearly state that site's content should not contain any "pornography, adult, or mature content.". So ads like the above should not appear on AdSense sites.
But what if you have an article that mentions "Hustler hustling some dazzle"? (This search did not bring any ads on google site. Only searching for hustler brought the above results.)
Will the AdSense ads like above match?
Let me know if you do!
Here's the search engine roundtable article.
Unsavory Porn Ads On Google AdSense? Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Google Trifecta Webinar Recording Is Online Now.

For webmasters, advertising or otherwise need to learn their audience and tune the presentation of warez to match the needs of the customers and reach the Internet nirvana. So to learn about these, I registered this one hour webinar. The webinar took place about a week ago and was presented by biggies in the industry. It was dubbed "The Google Trifecta," this presentation explains the key features of Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer, and how you can use them together. I have watched this again since then. Follow through and learn a thing or three.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google Search Experiment : Google Asks You to Digg Your Searches!

What is Google's Edit search results?

This feature allows you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. When you search for the same keywords again while you are logged in to your Google account, you'll continue to see those changes. If you later want to revert your changes, you can undo any modifications you've made.

Note: This is an experimental feature served to a random selection of participants and may be available for only a few weeks.

How do I use Edit search results?

Here's how you can move, remove, or add results:
Like_it Like it?
This button will move the result to the top of the page and add this marker Move_up next to it,
so you can easily recognize it. The result(s) you promote will appear at the top whenever you search for the same keyword(s) in the future.
Don't_like_it Don't like it?
This button will remove the result, and it will remain hidden when you search for the same keyword(s) in the future.

Know of a better webpage?

At the bottom of the search results, you can provide the address of a page that's relevant to your search. When you search for these same keyword(s) the page you've suggested will appear at the top with this marker Move_up.

Comment Make a comment
This button opens up a text box where you can make a comment. Comments will be visible to you next time the same result appears in a search, and are a great way to remember thoughts you had about particular webpages.
This is an experiment by Google to provide enhanced serch experience. Google giving searchers increased control over their search results improves the overall user experience. But you need to be logged in to your Google account to see the results in a subsequent search.
Google also tells ups that other users also in the experiment will be able to see "Your comments and the webpages you add, promote, or delete, along with the user nickname for the account you're logged in with. You can't directly share your comments or additional results with other users who aren't in the experiment.
There is a development group working on enhancing video support for Asterisk.
If you want to participate, join the asterisk-video mailing list on
Google will use input from this experiment to provide websearch features such as the personalized results you see, and to decide whether features like this would be useful for other users in the future. As Google expands this feature, we may also show the comments and changes that you provided to other users, along with the nickname of the account you were logged in with to make the changes. Like any data you share with Google, this is subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

This feature is available only to very small subset of users. So if you do not see those buttons in your search do not be alarmed.
You can see more screenshoths and a discussion here.
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Connected to Internet But Cannot Browse!

If you are connected to the Internet and yet you cannot browse websites, it may be because of a recent Windows update that conflicts with Zonealarm. Follow the link below to get the solution.
Geemodo: Latest Windows Security Update Breaks Zonealarm And Blocks Internet Access

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EntreCard To Bring More Trafic And Credits To You With SezWho!

I have been a member of EntreCard since it launched and it has been one of my major traffic sources. I have diligently followed the rules and dropped cards, advertised on other sites and accepted ads from other sites. It has been great. Few weeks ago I wrote and showed a video about commenting on blogs to attract traffic, audience, readership and community participation. Yes comments bring people. I have created a blog, that does not publish anything but comments that I leave on other sites and within it's infancy (less than two weeks) have attracted more than 500 visits. The site is not registered with any of the blog lists or services like EntreCard or Technorati. The traffic is solely from comments, I leave on other sites. Now I hear the new tool from EntreCard, the site you visit daily to honor your visitors, search places for advertisements or simply to find blogger like yourself. The new tool, not really a tool but Entrecard has joined with SezWho, Internet's premier commenting service provider. So now it entices you to leave a comment when you visit an EntreCard member site and attract some of the traffic and readers from thousands of fantastic sites listed on EntreCard and earn EntreCard Credits as well. I need to increase my credit stash and you will find me commenting on your sites. Read more about it and instruction on this EntreCard Blog post. Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yahoo Games Offer Ad-Supported, Downloadable Games

Gamotopia has a news report that Yahoo Games has associated it self with two other companies to offer it's collection of online games as down loadable games.
Gamotopia: Yahoo Games Site Launches Internet's Largest Collection of Ad-Supported, Downloadable Games

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Is Core Ranking Group Doing At Google

One thing for sure is that the group reassured us that Google does not manually intervene in ranking;
""Does Google manually edit its results?" Let me just answer that with our third philosophy: no manual intervention. In our view, the web is built by people. You are the ones creating pages and linking to pages. We are using all this human contribution through our algorithms. The final ordering of the results is decided by our algorithms using the contributions of the greater Internet community, not manually by us. We believe that the subjective judgment of any individual is, well ... subjective, and information distilled by our algorithms from the vast amount of human knowledge encoded in the web pages and their links is better than individual subjectivity."
But that is not all, Google Fellow Amit Singhal is going to reveal more about the ranking engine works in some future posts. But for now he has touched most questions regarding Google Ranking, like the one above answered. If you are doing anything related to SEO, (If you are on the web, you are) follow the link and educate yourself.

Official Google Blog: Introduction to Google Ranking Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rebirth of Million Dollar Domain Names

New gTLDs - Shaping the Future of the Internet? Yes Advertising going to be costly and limited to the rich adventure! Read On.

Remember those domain names that went on the block like $14 Million for and thousands of such names that fetched anywhere from $100 to Millions, that you just missed registering 10 years or so ago.

Well don't fret the boom might be back as ICANN has approved a bunch of changes in the laws governing the top level domains such as .com and .uk and the likes.

Under the new plans, domain names can be based on any string of letters, in any script.So you don't have to fight for TLDs like TV. So you can register your last name as a domain and make money selling the sub domains to you relatives on your side of the family tree. But there are some tiny little barriers. You will be able to register a domain based on your own name, for example, as long as they can show a "business plan and technical capacity" do so. And the other thing is it is not going to be cheap, like you and I pay at Godaddy's. The numbers will be in low six figures as ICANN need to recoup the costs of setting up the domain name and the underlying infrastructure creation and management.

I can imagine that there will be influx of domains as companies turn brands into web addresses, while wealthy individuals register their names.

Another proposal which also got approval was to introduce domain names written in Asian, Arabic or other scripts. So those few billions of people who does not understand what we call domain names finally will be able to read and understand them.

"We are opening up a new world and I think this cannot be underestimated," said Roberto Gaetano, a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann).

If you are interested, Please watch the 30 min video of the ICANN meeting.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Viral Advertising At Skype Video

The Laughter chain advertised by Skype is actually a method to promote Skype Video. As we all love laughter, I guess a bit of a laughter over the net should bring some "smiles" or Laugh Out Loud, LOL.

You will find more information about Skype Laughter Chain here.
And I got the video from here.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Green Tree Bike Ad

I liked this Green coveys the message loud and green but as you can see cars are passing by fast!
Resources. Tips. Rebates. At
Advertising Agency: Agency59, Canada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Brian Howlett
Art Director: Andrew Gillingham
Photographer: Philip Rostron
Other additional credits: Jared Smith
Published: June 2008
Noticed at Ads Of The World

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Get Traffic To Your Site Through Commenting.

Problogger has written and explained about getting traffic to your blog by leaving comments on other blogs. I think it will also applies to other sites. Big companies advertise on popular sites to attract visitors. WHy not deploy a comment force as well!
Problogger demonstrates how to attract traffic to your site by commenting on other sites that are relevant to yours. To test I just started a new experimental blog, on a small niche subject. Blog does not have any articles, but people are dropping by! Only thing I do os dropping comments on other sites.

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Dirty Executives May Know Better!

photo from Madera tribune

I read this article on the Kentucky Buzz and I think they got something going there! At least you will see what you and your firm is up to, if you are a getting dirty type executive. It might even work out as an better advertising to say "CEO of XXX served my Pasta"
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Happy 4th Of July America!

Happy 4th Of July America!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Google Yahoo Ad Deal!

Yahoo, Google Ad Campaign has met with both congregational and DOJ investigations. Microsoft after trying to acquire Yahoo earlier now crying louder saying it is anti competitive. During the Microsoft saga Yahoo tested Google ads on its network successfully. Then Microsoft said it is going to kill Google with New Ad technology but I think Google is breathing fine.

There are too many experts giving their ideas about the investigations and I think it is better for me to watch from distance. Of all the articles I read today, this gave a better perspective. But I think this is exactly how I think about the deal;

"Toyota sells its hybrid technology to General Motors, even though they are the number one and number two car manufacturers globally," Omid Kordestani, a Google senior vice president, noted in a blog post. "Canon provides laser printer engines for HP, despite also competing in the broader laser printer market. Google and Yahoo will continue to be vigorous competitors, and that competition will help fuel innovation that is good for users."

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