Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rubicon Project and Why Why Economy Won’t Hurt Online Ad Spend!

This morning I read this interview by ADOTAS that I found to be very informative. It also prompted me to pay more attention to Rubicon Project as well. I think the following snippet should give you an idea of the complete interview that explains why we should advertise our advertising.

ADOTAS: What inspired you to create the Rubicon Project? What did you think was missing in the market?

ADDANTE: Mainly we felt that there was an intense need within the market for a neutral party that would benefit both ad networks and publishers. Online advertising is a huge $27 billion industry, but still 80% of the inventory goes unsold. This is a huge drain in the revenue publishers could be making.

A huge growth spurt in ad networks has occurred over the last few years – there were about 15 ad networks seven years ago and today there are almost 400 different networks. The link between these networks and web publishers was inefficient. There was a huge need for a manageable solution — this is what the Rubicon Project sets out to provide.

Adotas Kathleen, interviews Addante.

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