Friday, July 4, 2008

Get Traffic To Your Site Through Commenting.

Problogger has written and explained about getting traffic to your blog by leaving comments on other blogs. I think it will also applies to other sites. Big companies advertise on popular sites to attract visitors. WHy not deploy a comment force as well!
Problogger demonstrates how to attract traffic to your site by commenting on other sites that are relevant to yours. To test I just started a new experimental blog, on a small niche subject. Blog does not have any articles, but people are dropping by! Only thing I do os dropping comments on other sites.

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1 comment:

SunEGrl said...

Commenting has really helped my earnings. I started really concentrating on leaving comments last month and at the time my adsense revenue was at a standstill. My adsense earnings are now rising every day, and I will definitely reach the $100 mark by the end of the month. Before I started, I was making an average of .05 cents a day on adsense.