Tuesday, July 15, 2008

EntreCard To Bring More Trafic And Credits To You With SezWho!

I have been a member of EntreCard since it launched and it has been one of my major traffic sources. I have diligently followed the rules and dropped cards, advertised on other sites and accepted ads from other sites. It has been great. Few weeks ago I wrote and showed a video about commenting on blogs to attract traffic, audience, readership and community participation. Yes comments bring people. I have created a blog, that does not publish anything but comments that I leave on other sites and within it's infancy (less than two weeks) have attracted more than 500 visits. The site is not registered with any of the blog lists or services like EntreCard or Technorati. The traffic is solely from comments, I leave on other sites. Now I hear the new tool from EntreCard, the site you visit daily to honor your visitors, search places for advertisements or simply to find blogger like yourself. The new tool, not really a tool but Entrecard has joined with SezWho, Internet's premier commenting service provider. So now it entices you to leave a comment when you visit an EntreCard member site and attract some of the traffic and readers from thousands of fantastic sites listed on EntreCard and earn EntreCard Credits as well. I need to increase my credit stash and you will find me commenting on your sites. Read more about it and instruction on this EntreCard Blog post. Sphere: Related Content


sol@rion said...

I left a comment on Entrecard and signed on to sezwho and checking the plugin!

anmari said...

I installed sezwho plugin just recently and had amazing results so far...new comments everyday :) love it!

Have a great week! :)