Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keywords SEO! Before Posting That Blog Post You Just Created....

Search Engine Keywords or SEO Keywords are something that we all look for but we never remember those when we all write good posts crappy posts and no posts (that does not bring in any readers other than yourself!) But what do we do before posting? If you answered checking spelling (you do that?) rereading or any other answer related to composing, you are a little far away from the answer I am going to give you, I read a post on SEOmoz and thought whay did not I think of that. But that did not stop me from following his advice before posting this post, in a few minutes.
The advice is basically to use keyword search before posting your meticously crafted blog post. Perhaps you might be able to find some niche to plug your post into.
But in addition to the keyword search advice, the numerous comments left by various poeple who are giants of Blogsphere and unknown people like me, will certainly increase your knowledge, in a few folds. Follow this link below for the complete advice from SEOmoz. Sphere: Related Content


PWN said...

Hi there, MoneyLogger here.

I believe that a good keyword for life, can really improve visibility even after marketing. It can build traffic for a lifetime if nurtured the right way.

My keyword is money and hope that you support my blog. By adding some input or by reciprocation.

Thank you

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