Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Your Keywords Blacklisted By Google Instant?

It seems that Google has blacklisted certain words from it's Google Instant, the Google option that tries to read your mind while you type.
They do not seem to be all bad words that are blocked, Bitch (1), 4Chan, 'are' (read very nice phenomenon with this word at, asian baBe are part of the list among many adult oriented words. But words like Puppy (1)'bearded clam', 'wtf' are not blocked. (1) could mean the same thing but you might not get it instantly.
If you were searching for 'Naked Lunch' a Novel, 'Barenaked Ladies' a music group, you have to do away with instant. is compiling a list of words blocked and wants  you to let them know any that you find blocked;

We thought it would be great fun to compile as many of these objectionable terms as possible - and also see what objectionable terms were NOT included. We need your input to help make this a complete list. If you find a Google Blacklist word or phrase that isn't included here, email us at and we'll add it (no questions asked). We're getting a ton of submissions and we're adding new ones as often as we can. Keep them coming!
This page is NOT suitable for children, ministers, senators, or the mass media.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

OptimizationTips For YouTube Channels, A Recipe For Metadata

Looks like while the energetic and innovative team at YouTube making and providing us with wonders, some YouTube partners got stuff up their sleeves too.
So instead of you having to hunt for those tips, You Tube is providing an Easy way.
YT is picking up one of those innovative YouTube partners, in this case Betty from Bettyskitchen to tell us how she;
"uses metadata to increase her discoverability, choose her tags wisely, and come up with the perfect title."

YouTube Blog: Tips for partners: Betty's recipe for metadata: "optimization tips for channels" Sphere: Related Content

#Twarketing, Twitter Marketing

As with everything getting new terms in to our everyday vocabulary, there is a new word, "Twarketing", Twitter Marketing.
Just like new words,we seem to come to face to face with social media based marketing. Twarketting is marketing with twitter and there is even a B2B conference devoted to "Twarketting", which guides interested in how to conduct a Twitter Marketing campaign successfully.
Basically Twitter has allowed marketeers to go back to the roots of marketing, Word-of-mouth advertising, customer interaction, and finally the most important, executing a sale. Once that is done, support and service, at least some portions of it could be conducted via social sites like Twitter and facebook. This could be an excellent add on to your marketing plan. Again that depends on your business. In any case, social media exposure could bring awareness of your business among new clientele.
B2B Social Commerce summit could be found here. and the twitter stream from the summit here. Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ad:tech NYC, Only 4 days left to get Early Bird prices

If you are planing to attend ad:tech New York, I think it is best time to register. Because if you register now, you will be able to get 30% off a full conference pass for ad:tech NYC
Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to attend the world's largest digital marketing event, where experts, marketers, agencies and publishers will gather together to share digital marketing solutions and make connections.

• Networking opportunities and special events
• Award-winning keynote speakers to give insightful, executive-level perspective
• Smaller, more topic-specific Marketing Masters sessions
• Panel discussions that focus on best practices and measurable results
• 10,000+ attendees
• 275+ exhibitors
ad:tech New York registration
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AdWords Campaign Experiments Expanded

Google has expanded the ACE, AdWords Campaign Experiments beyond the shores USA, where ACE was very successful which also prompt for global expansion.
If you are wondering What ACE, AdWords Campaign Experiments are it is very simple to explain. They are, tools offered by Google to test and precisely measure the impact of changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups and placements.

If you have been making changes to your campaigns, without a clear mechanism, then ACE is for you. You will be able to;

  • You’re considering adding (or pausing) a bunch of new keywords, but you aren’t sure how it will affect your overall campaign clicks, costs, and conversions.
  • You have a few keywords that account for a significant fraction of your total AdWords clicks, conversions and cost. You’d like to know what happens if you raise (or lower) bids by 10%. Do your clicks and conversions change by 10% -- or maybe less than that? How would your cost per click and cost per conversion change?
  • You want to easily test a new landing page design tailored for a few high-value keywords against your existing landing page*.
  • A colleague suggests you might improve your Google Display Network campaign performance by adjusting keywords and adding some placement-specific bids, but you’re concerned you might wind up with fewer conversions and no improvement in cost per conversion.
You can find ACE by logging in to your AdWords account. ACE is on the campaign tab under setting. You can learn about ACE at the Help Center FAQ, and by watching videos, like the one below.
AdWords Campaign Experiments rolling out globally - Inside AdWords Sphere: Related Content

Monday, September 13, 2010

ad:tech New York 2010 Nov 3-4 2010

ad:tech New York 2010 is gearing up to have a gala in November. As usual ad:tech conference provides strategic perspective, tactical advice and quality networking. The premiere digital marketing event! Brings together Brands, agencies, publishers and service providers to share, network, learn and do business.
But you Got to register in order to do anything at all! Follow this link to register.
Following is the schedule;

ad:tech Pre-Conference:
Tuesday November 2, 9:30am - 5:00pm
ad:tech Conference:
Wednesday November 3, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday November 4, 9:00am - 4:15pm
ad:tech Exhibit Hall:
Wednesday November 3, 10:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday November 4, 10:00am - 4:00pm
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Paypal Not So Friendly, Google Checkout Might Be The Answer!

I had a Paypal account a while ago but I stopped using it for no particular reason. I was browsing Slashdot today and found that Paypal is holding funds of a game developer, in what seems like a illegal manner. 600,000 sterling pounds is no small sum, and the interest on those amounts should amount to a hefty sum, for the time they are keeping it locked. Paypal is holding the monies without proper explanation, according to a post on developer's website.
So I started to follow the article and the comments and external links like The outlook is not good, everyone seems to not like paypal but keep on using because they have no choice. But it seems pretty, for the lack of words, stupid. to use their service for receiving any money. I did not read through their service agreements entirely (it would have taken days and I would read if I ever want to use their service), so please do not quote me, but it seems that you have to agree to let the hold your money over, 180 days or so, if they think it was necessary. Sometimes my bank also holds my checks, most delays are seven days, not 180.
Another thing that made it very suspicious is the way Paypal handled the burning man temple account. That really sucks!
I think if you are doing business on the web, it might be better to look in to Google Checkout seem to be the best bet. There are many other services that provide the same or similar services, like BrainTree but the Google Checkout is the service I know. You do not have to read through billion policy pages and if you are a merchant, now you can get 21% discount from FedEx Shipping! Go here to learn more about Google Checkout.
If you do not want to be in the same shoes as Markus Persson, a.k.a. Notch, the developer of Minecraft, or hundreds (may be thousands) of others, be diligent. Be it 600,000 or just 600, it is your money and unless you are a crook, you have worked hard for it.
Slashdot article will take you to all the necessary links and beyond! Happy web marketing. (Comments are pouring in so much on the article it seem hard to read!)
Paypalsucks cartoon, origin unknown it it is yours let me know, I will give due credit. Sphere: Related Content

: “WATCH THIS SPACE” Advertising Google Display Ad Network

Google Display Network which spans over a million partner websites, as well as Google's own sites like YouTube have turned many brands around. Making users, advertisers and publishers a winners circle in advertising by utilizing Google's expertise in search and search advertising. These are not just words of someone, there are actual proofs of brands turning to profit, even in unfavorable economic conditions. Thousands of advertisers, from small stores to largest brands in the world have joined Google at it's core of advertising. And they have good stories to tell, like the Hawaiian Airlines story that the link below shares.
From Google;
Simplifying display advertising

Many advertisers still don’t bother with display advertising because buying ads across millions of sites in various formats causes too many headaches. We’ve been working to simplify the process for advertisers and agencies so they can buy with ease. For example, our DoubleClick platform manages the complexity of Ad planning, scheduling, measuring and optimizing ad campaigns across the web. And Teracent’s technology can automatically tailor and select the creative elements in an ad, and adjust them based on location, language, weather and even the past performance of ads, to show the optimal ad.

Delivering better performance

We’re focused on helping advertisers get the best results from their campaigns—by enabling creative branding campaigns, precise targeting, wide reach and effective measurement. Over recent years, we’ve added a ton of new features to YouTube and the Google Display Network, to help advertisers get—and measure—the results they’re after. From remarketing to Campaign Insights to video targeting on YouTube, we’re building tools that are helping advertisers get great results and enabling them to run some of the most amazing ad campaigns the world has ever seen.

Opening the display ecosystem

Like search advertising, display advertising should be accessible and effective for every advertiser and publisher, from the smallest corner store to the biggest global brand. Display advertising will grow if it is more open and inclusive. Products like the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which enable publishers and agencies to buy and sell ad space in an open, competitive, real-time environment, are making it happen. Every day, there are more ad calls on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange than there are trades on all the world’s stock exchanges combined.

Official Google Blog: Display advertising: “WATCH THIS SPACE” Sphere: Related Content

Leveraging Google Web Master Tools - Google AdSense Publishe Resources

Followup to the previous post, video, on Leveraging Doubleclick Ad Planner,  here is another AdSense resource for publishers gem. In this video, Deborah Chang takes you through how Google indexes your site. She is specifically sharing information about Google Web Master Tools.
Google Webmaster Tools could be the missing link between you, your site and the Google and if used properly, you can utilize the services provided by Google Web Master Tools to perfect the relationship between your site and Google. One of those is to make sure that Google indexes your site properly so that the world beyond could find you at Google. Then your AdSense publishing will reach new heights Happy publishing.
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Leveraging Doubleclick Ad Planner - Google Adsense Publisher Resources

I came across this two part series of Publisher Resources for AdSense publishers and thought it is worthwhile to share.AdSense's Vijay Vachani takes you through this introduction to the Doubleclick Ad Planner and how you too could use it to make your site more visible.
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