Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Your Keywords Blacklisted By Google Instant?

It seems that Google has blacklisted certain words from it's Google Instant, the Google option that tries to read your mind while you type.
They do not seem to be all bad words that are blocked, Bitch (1), 4Chan, 'are' (read very nice phenomenon with this word at, asian baBe are part of the list among many adult oriented words. But words like Puppy (1)'bearded clam', 'wtf' are not blocked. (1) could mean the same thing but you might not get it instantly.
If you were searching for 'Naked Lunch' a Novel, 'Barenaked Ladies' a music group, you have to do away with instant. is compiling a list of words blocked and wants  you to let them know any that you find blocked;

We thought it would be great fun to compile as many of these objectionable terms as possible - and also see what objectionable terms were NOT included. We need your input to help make this a complete list. If you find a Google Blacklist word or phrase that isn't included here, email us at and we'll add it (no questions asked). We're getting a ton of submissions and we're adding new ones as often as we can. Keep them coming!
This page is NOT suitable for children, ministers, senators, or the mass media.
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