Friday, September 24, 2010

#Twarketing, Twitter Marketing

As with everything getting new terms in to our everyday vocabulary, there is a new word, "Twarketing", Twitter Marketing.
Just like new words,we seem to come to face to face with social media based marketing. Twarketting is marketing with twitter and there is even a B2B conference devoted to "Twarketting", which guides interested in how to conduct a Twitter Marketing campaign successfully.
Basically Twitter has allowed marketeers to go back to the roots of marketing, Word-of-mouth advertising, customer interaction, and finally the most important, executing a sale. Once that is done, support and service, at least some portions of it could be conducted via social sites like Twitter and facebook. This could be an excellent add on to your marketing plan. Again that depends on your business. In any case, social media exposure could bring awareness of your business among new clientele.
B2B Social Commerce summit could be found here. and the twitter stream from the summit here. Sphere: Related Content

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