Monday, February 7, 2011

Groupon Super Bowl Ad, China Does Not Like The Fish Curry!

looks like Groupon got noticed, at least their super bowl ad got noticed, (we are talking about it now) perhaps not in a very good way.
The ad which ends up Timothy Hutton eating fish curry in a Chicago based Himalayan restaurant did not curry flavor with China, perhaps because,
"The Tibetan people are in trouble, Their culture is in jeopardy," Hutton tells us with beautiful music against even more beautiful Tibetan backdrops and people.

Everyone, well almost everyone, (except the likes of Groupon's ad agency) know China is sensitive about Tibet and specially when a company like Groupon plans to expand in to China, the need to walk a fine line, when dealing with it. The ad was to generate support for The Tibet Fund, an organization that aims to preserve Tibetan culture.
Hutton continues, "But they still whip up an amazing fish curry!" with the commercial switching to Hutton sitting in a Chicago-area Himalayn restaurant.He continues to talk about a 50% discount he and other Groupon users got at a Himalayan restaurant in Chicago.
There were mixed reactions, Chinese people were not very happy with it, the owner of the Himalayan Restaurant in Chicago is not happy with it and even the Ad executives who praises the shock value of the Ad asks people to stay away from politics.
Groupon has reacted ""Like standing too close to a rainbow, viewers' hearts are warmed" by the Super Bowl ad.via Twitter. I am all for supporting Tibetan and many other people who are suppressed, but Groupon can help to keep its value up by playing a bit different, when socializing local business, you need to act better and try to catch every one, say like the Volkswagen ad! The best super bowl ad!
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