Monday, January 24, 2011

Socializing The Local Business', FourSqure And Groupon CEO's Talk DLD11

The CEO's of FourSqure And Groupon were interviewed at DLD11 conference in Germany. Both the companies, which has strong presence in Local Business,
Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley says that FourSqure is more than a social business, It is Social with location. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason says he does not know what Social Commerce means but say local ecommerce means a lot.
It a candid interview and and you will learn a lot about socializing Local part of the Business, here are two questions and answers, there are many more at TechCrunch.
Q: What’s the biggest misconception about Foursquare?
Dennis: The company’s size is the first. Second is that some people seem to think Foursquare is for hipsters in New York and San Francisco. That’s certainly how we got started, but we have a lot of international usage, all over the world. It’s a big surprise for us.
Q: What are the biggest challenges when growing as fast as Groupon did?
Andrew: Our growth may have been quick, but it was incremental. We started in Chicago, and it took us 5 months before our second city, and then the time shortened each time we launched in a new city. So we took our time to develop the original playbook, and we try to copy that strategy with our international expansion.
By creating a strong cultural foundation, and hiring great people and entrepreneurs. So we provide the playbook, they execute.
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