Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turning Day Light Savings Into Traffic With SEO Tricks!

I am sure all of you who live in countries that practice day light savings time, had a few surprises this week. Some got up early but jumped out of bed thinking it was late, some may even have wondered why the high ways are so empty and wondering why there is no traffic, on the way to work.
But one clever site, View London, used the same opportunity to boost it's traffic by 31%, according to Hitwise. View London did some SEO tricks on the site to benefit from people seeking information on day light saving or in British terms, "Clocks go back".
Hitwise shows us that the site beat even BBC News, Facebook getting traffic, organic traffic, from searches related to "clocks Go Back".

So next time when you look to bring traffic to your site, plan ahead, create content related to an upcoming major event, and let Google think you are the authority on the subject.
You can find more data of the event on Hitwise and ways to find out how they did it by some clever surfing. One marketing man wondered even if it was clever marketing? I guess he is not clever enough to catch the gist. May be he is, to see through the London fog. But it never hurts to learn.
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