Friday, February 27, 2009

iPhones, iPod, Android And Other Mobile Visitors, Thanks To Google Analytics

With Apple predicting to sell multi million iPhones and having web access where ever there is a cellular connection, there will be millions of people, a quite a large segment coming to visit you from iPhones. There are many people who are using iPod, Android, SymbianOS to browse the web as well. You can see from above picture, data from another blog of ours.
Do you know how many of your traffic are mobile users and if they are significant, are you serving them right? like providing a mobile version of your site so they users do not find your site over flowing and difficult to navigate.
Finding the answer has been made easier by Google Analytics. We have been fans of Google Analytics for a long time and were very happy to find this advanced segmentation feature. The blog tells you how to add different segmentation features to dashboard. By following the instructions I was able to add not only iPhone users but iPod, Android, SymbianOS and of course total of all as mobile users.
I was surprised with the results. Time for mobile section of the web site, 568 mobile users are not to be ignored. This is from a tiny site, so big boys, check your visitors because you may want to look into Mobile Advertising too. Also remember those people may have money to spend, at least they are paying big bucks for iPhone device and accounts.
Thank you Google Analytics!
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