Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NoFollow, DoFollow, SEO, Blog Optimization, All that is moving to Geemodo.

NoFollow, DoFollow, SEO, Blog Optimization, All that is moving to Geemodo. Yes because this blog is dedicated to advertising and marketing. I got side tracked with this article on NoFollow, DoFollow, although it is an interesting subject.
I have another blog called Geemodo, Gee More 'll Do. So all these type of articles like enable nofollow on blogger blog activation, Recent comments on Blogger, and related posts on blogger, like on wordpress blogs will be published on Geemodo, helping everyone to make a a Gee more. So it is going to be Gee Mo Do!
Geemodo: GeeMoDo, What Is In A Name, "Thousand Dollar Opportunity Of Our Times".

I just read this article by net fool and if you are in to optimizing your blog, read;
Creating A Blog - Part Six: Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines and More
Read the whole series!

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SEO Alchemist said...

I've just dofollowed my SEO blog and wanted to see if you had too...

Another SEO Blog


Reliable Hosting Service said...

congratulation to the new updates of Geemodo, nofollow will not be followed anymore. As people now can control relation between link juice and fidelity, blogger will reward their customary clients, content will be spread (wikipedia had decrease its participation numbers incredibly after nofollow adoption) and internet continues with its democratic and open character

web hosting said...

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