Saturday, June 7, 2008

NoFollow, DoFollow ! U Comment, I Follow with iFollow

Update; We are moving this article series over to Geemodo!;
GeeMoDo, What Is In A Name, "Thousand Dollar Opportunity Of Our Times".

DoFollow, What is it and do I need it?
Depends on what you want, read or follow along for a small lecture.
DoFollow was created to counter the NoFollow initiative brought up by Google in the blogger platform to combat comment spam. Later other blogging platforms ;

Brad Fitzpatrick - LiveJournal
Dave Winer - Scripting News
Anil Dash - Six Apart
Steve Jenson - Blogger
Matt Mullenweg - WordPress
Stewart Butterfield - Flickr
Anthony Batt - Buzznet
David Czarnecki - blojsom
Rael Dornfest - Blosxom
Mike Torres - MSN Spaces,
Ross Rader - Blogware
John Panzer - AOL Journals
Kevin Marks - of Technorati also added a draft formal spec for nofollow.
Reini Urban - PhpWiki
David Gorman - ModBlog
Arnab Nandi - Drupal
James Tauber - Leonardo
Jeremie Bouillon - points out a GPL plugin for Textpattern
Simon Brown - Pebble
Ilkka Huotari - Netdoc
Shaun Inman - ShortStat
Eaden McKee - bBlog
Yariv Habot - backBlog
John Lyons - enetation
Steven Roussey - Network54
Will Yardley - Dreambook
Samuel Klingen Daams - Travellerspoint joined in. So anyone who is using NoFollow was saved from leaking Pageranks to comment spammers. But on the other side of this that non spamming commenter was also spared of link love. This was in 2005.

So the physics laws of blogsphere kicked in and to counter effects, the DoFollow initiative started. This is not a real technical initiative. Just that blogs did not have the NoFollow tag enabled on their blogs.

For Blogger it is to remove the nofolow tag from the template and for wordpress there are even plugins that handle nofollow.
But the ifollow is one of the movements that I found in the initial search venture. So I will look for all the initiatives and bring out another post with All the links and such. At least you know about some blooging platforms that are out there!
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Harish Solanki said...

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Rein Valdez said...

Unselfishly deed. Thank you very much. This would help me a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

now I among your readers

Anonymous said...

What if more websites using the no-follow? although it was natural links?