Monday, June 16, 2008

Knowing Your Pagerank Will Help You With Your Advertising

I wrote about a Page Rank monitoring tool, (Page Rank Viewing! Know Your Pagerank All The Time.) that is available for checking pagerank on sites that you visit. It is also useful to check the pagerank of your own sites. But now I am without the tool as it is not available for Firefox 3 (I could not wait for the big event tomorrow but I will still download the final version of Firefox 3.0 tomorrow), which I upgraded today to finish up some of my development on a another web application.
So I set out to check if there were any other tools that would help me do the same thing untill the tool get updated. Then I realized that the keyword, "know your pagerank" "knowing your pagerank" points to MyAdlets. How did I do that! So I pulled out gear I have found out that all the Google site give MyAdlets a good reference, from USA to Timbaktu.
I should have got into this SEO business. But the results shows My ADLETS, The Viral Frontier in front of the Title of the article. But I am sure this post will not get indexed that way. It will have Article title first because I followed this;
Swap Blog Name And Post Title On Blogger
Just imagine, how many times, say for last ten years, the phrases, "know your pagerank" and "know your page rank" were published and hunted for.
I am not the top result for all the Google sites but most are. You can check at following Google sites again I did not list all;

Google Japan
Google China
Google Korea
Google UK
Google Israel
Google Philippines
Google India

The Place closest to Timbuktu (Tombouctou) was Morocco!
Google Morocco
I was going to say visit Matt Cutts page to learn about Pagerank and SEO but I just remembered that I will be writing about one of Matt's advise about pagerank. So the link and advise on next article.

Please leave a comment if you see different results from your country!

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