Monday, May 5, 2008

Page Rank Viewing! Know Your Pagerank All The Time.

Most of the time when I visit a websites, specially if I am evaluating them, I take into consideration the site content combined with multitude of other factors. Page Rank is one of them. But every and each time you visit a site, if you have to jump out to another site to check the pagerank the process could be tedious. So what do I do? Since I use Firefox for browsing, 90% of the time, I use Live PR extension to Firefox. This sits on my status bar displays the pagerank of any site I am visiting. I also keep a tab of my own site ranking. All my blogs have rank 3 or higher. Even this relatively new one, MyADLETS is getting there.
The other thing is this tool gives me laughs some time, if I see a SEO site advising you of how to get your rank higher, and has one or zero most of the time, it is a laughing matter. So first lesson on SEO is to make sure the folks teaching you know what they teach.
You can get Firefox from here and the extension after you have install the Firefox, from the Firefox addons site. Search for live pagerank.
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kalusudda said...

is there a tool for ie?

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