Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Contextual Advertising with td AdMatch

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TradeDoubler, the global digital marketing company, today announces the launch of td AdMatch, its cutting-edge contextual advertising solution. td AdMatch is designed to maximize the performance of online advertisements and is unique in its ability to serve ads across text, product and display ad formats

td AdMatch scans the content of web pages and contextually matches ads alongside related website content. By improving the relevancy of advertising on publisher websites, internet users are more likely to respond - helping to drive higher quality click-throughs and increase results for both advertisers and website publishers.

As a supporter of contextual advertising, Chris King, Head of Affiliates at BT, said: “We’re excited about the possibilities afforded by td AdMatch. Online consumers are becoming ever more savvy and the need for solutions to more effectively engage with them through targeted, relevant advertising is growing. td AdMatch will allow BT to drive even better performance from our ads through contextual targeting.”

Joshua James, Head of Client Services at eConversions, has been impressed with the initial trials of td AdMatch and comments, “Having been chosen to help trial TradeDoubler’s td AdMatch solution, we at eConversions have been very impressed with the initial results and are eagerly anticipating the full launch. With the ability to display contextual product feeds, image and text ads, or even all three, td AdMatch can add true value to a website. However, what really separates td AdMatch from its rivals, is how it is able to match such highly relevant ads to the content of a website – something others have promised but, thus far, failed to deliver upon.”

td AdMatch works across automated and manual specified keyword matching and allows publishers to create their own, customized ads. The product ensures control and transparency for the entire network, with advertisers only appearing on approved sites and publishers only receiving ads for advertisers they have applied to.

Commenting on the launch of the new solution, Ben Manning, Product Director at TradeDoubler, says: “td AdMatch allows TradeDoubler to harness our broad and diverse range of advertisers and contextually match their ads to content from our extensive affiliate network, whilst giving control and transparency to both publishers and advertisers. This vast breadth is important because it increases relevancy and allows more accurate targeting of an advertiser’s audience to drive even more results.”

td AdMatch follows the launch earlier this month of TradeDoubler’s product search solution, MyShop.


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