Thursday, January 31, 2013

Did Facebook Failed To Impress Investors With New Ad Revenue?

Facebook sort of WOWed wall street with increased ad revenue, mobile ad revenue. Facebook reported mobile ad revenue increase from about 14% in Q3 2012 to 23% in Q4 2012. Even though ad revenue for Facebook is promising, the cost of the operations seems to have blown the air out of the balloon.

Cost mainly comes from hires and changes to infrastructure. Company needed more people in the new Facebook gifts, Facebook graph search, custom audience and others. Of those, you have heard and read enough about the Graph search but I like the 'custom  audience'. I am sure Facebook will increase ad revenue with this product. Custom Audience improves ad targeting by  bringing together Facebook’s user data and customer data from advertiser. There could not be any better resources for advertising, and it might help in the Google vs Facebook Advertising fight. Sphere: Related Content

Sunday, January 20, 2013

AdSense Optimization Checklist, Part 1

Your optimization checklist, Part 1 - Inside AdSense

Looks like AdSense wants you to straighten up your AdSense activities and stratergies to maximize your earning potential. Since this blog has been dormant for a while, we thought it is time we got our act together and what is more better than directing our readers to a fantastic resource with the first article in the new year.
Inside AdSense will be publishing the AdSense Optimization Checklist in two parts and devoting the first post / part to check items that you may have already attended to and to remind good old AdSense tips.

One of the tasks is to take care of Ad Coverage on your site. You already know that you can have three standard AdSense for Content units on your site. But the 300x600 are limited to only one. You can have three link units and two AdSense for Search boxes. If you are not sure of the process or wondering if and how to place Ad units, the Video below might help.
This is followed by explanation on User recommended Ad sizes, Show both text and image ads, Experimenting with Ad Colors, Optimal Ad placement and adding a AdSense for Search boxes. There are  ample resource links within the post to make the task even easier, like one of our favorites, Heat Map for Pages.
Reading the article reminded me to take care of a few things about this site, starting with entirely new layout to make it more presentable and easily readable to our readers.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Google vs Facebook | Advertising | The Beef

With all the news bytes and stock price watch on various financials pages, once very hot facebook news is fading somewhat. But now that the hoopla is over, everyone is wondering if facebook can do the hoola hoop.
The Tecnica has a very informative info graphic that shows what is best for your advertisements, Google or Facebook? Even if you think you know the answer, have a look, I found it to be very informative!
The Tecnica Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does The Ad Size Matter? Looks Like Wider The Better

I was browsing through Adsense Help pages and noticed a page devoted to ad sizes. There I learned some thing that I did not think of before, Ad orientation. According the AdSense, wider ad sizes tend to outperform their taller counterparts, simply because of their eye-friendly or reader-friendly format. When we read or glance at some thing, we absorb information in "thought units," several words at a time in the case which contains text. So wide ads let us comfortably read more text at a glance without having to bounce between lines like in a vertical ad or a narrower ad.

With their knowledge in ad space, AdSense team has this suggestion;
If positioned well, wide ad sizes can increase your earnings significantly. The sizes we've found to be the most effective are the 336x280 Large Rectangle, the 300x250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160x600 Wide Skyscraper. Keep in mind that while these ad sizes typically perform well, you should use the size that best complements your pages.
Following video explain the fact;
So why don't you try with your website. If you are not a AdSense member, you can signup at Google Publisher solutions. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AdSense Academy Teaches And Tests Your Adsense And WebSense Knowledge!

You must know what AdSense is if you are reading this but even if you are not, you will learn a lot through the links provided below.
If you are brand new to AdSense or have been using it to monetize your site for years, you will find some great pointers and learning tools.
At AdSense Academy, you can follow the checklist provided and will guide you through the steps to set up and run a successful AdSense account. As you progress through the steps in the each of the six sections, you'll graduate to a higher milestone. When you reach the last milestone, depicted by a rocket, you will certainly be an AdSense Astronaut, ready to take the quiz to test your knowledge.
Test your knowledge with the AdSense Academy - Inside AdSense Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Federated Media Acquires Lijit Networks.

Lijit, the advertising revenue generator for online publishers has been acquired by media advertising power house Federated Media. According to Lijit they were not in need for a sale but selected FM in order to go big;
So in May, when we were first approached by Federated Media, it was a case of mixed emotion. Lijit wasn’t for sale, we were fully funded and coming off our 6th straight month of 50% month-over-month revenue growth. Profitability was within sight and occurring on and off on a daily basis. In short, we were having FUN, AND A LOT OF IT. But, at the same time, if there was bigger play to make – an industry changing and industry leading play to make – it was with FM. It all made complete sense from that first instant of thought.
Lijit will stay where they are, Boulder Colorado and work with FM Management team to make it big!
Here is the press release by FM;

Federated Media Publishing To Acquire Lijit Networks

Combined Entity Will Power More than 77,000 Independent Publishers Across the Web Via Comprehensive Advertising, Analytics and Reader Engagement Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, October 4, 2011 Federated Media Publishing, which powers the best of the Independent Web, today announced the acquisition of Lijit Networks, Inc. Lijit is a leading provider of advertising services, audience analytics and reader engagement tools for online publishers of all sizes. The combined entity will reach nearly 300 million global unique visitors according to Quantcast.

Lijit, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado will continue to operate independently but in conjunction with the rest of Federated Media Publishing. Lijit CEO Todd Vernon and COO Walter Knapp will take on corresponding EVP of Technology and SVP of Platform Revenue responsibilities at Federated Media Publishing and will report directly to Federated Media Publishing’s CEO, Deanna Brown. Additionally, Lijit board member Seth Levine from Foundry Group will join the Federated Media Publishing board of directors, effective immediately.

With the addition of Lijit Networks’ existing publisher relationships, Federated Media Publishing will now reach more than 77,000 online publishers and nearly 15,000 expert communities, making it one of the largest companies to power publishing on the Independent Web. The acquisition vastly expands the combined company’s inventory of sites, offering premium advertisers improved scale and reach.

Publishers Will Profit and Flourish

Lijit helps publishers more thoughtfully interact with and better understand their audience by providing analytics and engagement tools that build deeper relationships, lengthen time on site and increase page views. These robust and actionable audience analytics and reader engagement tools leverage intent, behavior and demographics to help publishers of all sizes increase revenue and better engage their readers.

Additionally, the combined advertising services provided by FM and Lijit will give publishers of all sizes a revenue stream that complements existing sales efforts and helps grow and monetize their website businesses, no matter what the size.

Advertisers Can More Easily Analyze and Engage

The combination of Federated Media Publishing’s premium online advertising and conversational marketing programs and Lijit’s proprietary data collection tools will empower advertisers to better understand user intent, contextual relevance and demographic information. And by leveraging the combined entity’s extensive publisher relationships, advertisers will have unprecedented scale on the Independent Web.

Introducing Programmatic Buying to the Independent Web

Programmatic buying is one of the fastest growing trends in digital media and the introduction of Lijit’s robust RTB exchange will equip media buyers with one of the largest platforms available. Over the next few months, Federated Media Publishing and Lijit will develop a series of private exchanges that will highlight leading independent publishers. These exchanges will allow brands to engage active, passionate consumers found in highly conversational online communities and publications, while delivering premium CPM rates via FM’s conversational marketing programs.


“The Lijit Networks team is just as passionate and committed to powering publishers as we are at Federated Media Publishing and that was a crucial element to this decision,” said Deanna Brown, chief executive officer, Federated Media Publishing. “Our combined relationships, proprietary tools and conversational marketing services will be invaluable to publishers and advertisers alike.

“Federated Media invented how to leverage authentic voices and engaged conversations that exist in the Independent Web,” said Todd Vernon, founder and CEO of Lijit Networks. “The combination of the two companies is a game changer in the industry that unlocks new opportunities for both companies through our combined publisher network.”

About Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media Publishing powers the best of the Independent Web. We believe that the majority of meaningful engagements across digital media occur via high-quality independent sites and services. These sites leverage top digital talent to attract influential audiences who together create meaningful dialogue. Brands benefit from improved loyalty and increased sales when they become part of this authentic experience. Learn more at

About Lijit Networks Inc.

Lijit Networks, Inc. was incorporated in June 2006 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. By providing innovative advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools to over 70,000 online publishers, commercial websites and content networks, Lijit helps publishers grow their website, build their business and make more money. Lijit connects publishers with premium online advertising campaigns that are highly targeted and contextually relevant to the publisher’s audience. Learn more at

Federated Media Publishing on Facebook -

Federated Media Publishing on Twitter -

Lijit Networks on Facebook -

Lijit Networks on Twitter -!/lijit


Clint Bagley


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google Affiliate Network: Google Affiliate Network Fall Exclusive Opportunities Now Available

Fall is around the corner, very close, and with it brings the holiday shopping season.
Google Affiliate Network is too ready with over 40 specific opportunities for you, Google Affiliates Network publisher, to focus on. If you are a publisher and have not yet signed up with GAN, Google Affiliates Network, you can signup via the link below.

Just to remind you the above special opportunities will be available during one weekend, September 23=September 26, only so better act fast.
In order to reach these opportunities;

To promote any of these exclusive opportunities, you need to be an approved publisher in the Google Affiliate Network.
Apply for Google Affiliate Network with your AdSense Publisher ID (or sign in if you're already a Google Affiliate Network publisher).
Once approved, review the opportunities available and click the "Apply Now" link for everyone that you wish to promote.
There is also a getting started guide to get you started with first steps or more if necessary.
Follow the links below for more information;
Google Affiliate Network Signup
Google Affiliate Network: Google Affiliate Network Fall Exclusive Opportunities Now Available Sphere: Related Content