Sunday, April 27, 2008

Come Through The Recession Shining! For Widget Marketeers Only!

Michael Jones, the CEO of Userplane has some advise and says the ads are going in the way of Social media in times like these. He mentioned this in a guest post on TechCrunch. But I feel he is doing a bit of branding work!!
I liked the idea and it appeals, only if I was in the business of widget making. Looks more like Mr. Jones is trying get his company through recession. Not a bad idea, get your marketing plan on a social networking news hub like Techcrunch, and tell people that widgets is THE thing!
But the problem with sites like Techcrunch, people are capable of reading in between the lines. So the comments come out, at the moment is about 55! Some agreeing and some not with the widgets idea.
I think Widgets has a place and there may be others But you can always learn something ;) from people like Mr. Jones, and who knows he might like myadlets!
Alright, here is the link to the article! on TechCrunch,

and Here is Userplane, take a ride!
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