Monday, November 24, 2014

Mobile Shopping For Black Friday And Beyond.

Black Friday shopping is on everyone' mind these days and Google Adwords telling us how to leverage the Google tools for the better.
Mobile shopping, mobile search is on the rise and will continue to rise in the future, much beyond the holidays. So as marketers, people should look in to getting these searches and and services to market their products and adwords could be a bigger player in the process. Google is providing the means;
Shoppers often want to see more detailed information about a product before making a purchase decision. Now, when they search for a specific product on their smartphone or tablet, we show an expandable product card with rich product content such as reviews and details for that item. For example, on a query such as the Nexus 10, results will show the image of the product along with merchants who carry this tablet, detailed information on the product, and product reviews from customers
Another aid Google is giving to shoppers are the local availability of products they search for. Sometimes low price hunt is superseded by the ability to walk into a store and touch and feel the product before purchasing. So make sure, that you are visible to your local shoppers. You can take the advantage of  Auction insights segmented by device. Checkout how your stand up against your competitors, both big and small. Then you can identify missed opportunities and refine your bid modifier strategy to gain a greater share of voice on mobile. Check for more information on new insights now available in Shopping campaigns.

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