Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google +1 Button Can Bring Higher CTR!

When Google Adwords decide to show the +1 button (PlusOne) with your ads, users can (and I think will) +1 your content, giving you a higher CTR.
So what is this +1 Button or PlusOne button?
Usually When people make decisions, They always turn to recomendations, like I will always try to find some good reviews from trusted sites or people. Most people take their trusted ones recomendation with more value than that of Tom Dick or Harry. So when a person searches for a computer,application or a hotel, if the results pop up with recommendations from those they trust, the ads can bring more results, in many ways. Now it is possible with the +1 button, people can recommend your site’s content or ads to their friends and contacts right when their advice is most useful - on Google search.
So how do you get +1, PlusOne button on your page(s)? Follow the link provided in the text after the jump!

Let’s say you own a hotel in Madrid. Brian is having a lovely stay at your hotel, and visits your site to look up local attractions. He sees the +1 button you've added to your page, and clicks it to recommend your business to his friends and contacts.

When Brian's friend Ann plans her trip to Spain, she signs in to her Google account, searches on Google, and also sees your hotel's ad – plus the personalized annotation that Brian +1’d it. Knowing that Brian recommends your hotel helps Ann decide where to stay during her travels.
+1 annotations help users know when your organic search results and ads are relevant to them, increasing the chances that they'll end up on your site.

As results become more personal and relevant, we believe that users are not only more likely to click, but they're more likely to act as well. +1 annotations bring you pre-qualified users, who just received recommendations from their friends and are actively looking for your content. This powerful combination may result in more conversion and deeper engagement with your site overall.

To make it easier for visitors to +1 your content, you can add +1 buttons to your pages. Get the code at

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