Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Facebook Be The New Online Advertising Tsar?

Everyone is elated or alarmed about facebook growth and the focus on facebook advertising is no different. Techcrunch even has a series of articles discussing about "how Facebook will eat Google's lunch" and as a part of this series, they had a nice article about;
How facebook over take Google in advertising revenue, a prediction of course.
But it is again based on other estimated ad revenues that facebook might have received.Again, I have never clicked on an facebook ad (I have clicked on Google Ads) but that might be because I spend much less time at facebook than most people.
The estimated ad revenue for facebook is estimated to be about $2 Billion in 2010 and over $4 Billion in 2011.
The article I am talking about is written by Hussein Fazal CEO of AdParlor, who advertises on facebook, yes on the right hand column. You can find the truth about facebook advertising and revenue from people who handle some of the advertising on facebook
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