Friday, February 4, 2011

Goals and ECommerce Tracking With Google Analytics - Web Analytics TV #16

The Google Analytics is one of the best sites to measure your web site performance. Be it a one hundred thousand page views per year or over a billion page views per month (Reddit, uses Google Analytics to measure / analyze humongous visitor statistics) all have the same capabilities. Like some analytics sites, which give you a taste to lure you in and charge you for the best information, Google Analytics does not do that. You get a lot of information about your sites.
As vastly informative as it is, you need some good training to get the best out of Google Analytics. Of many help and support avenues available for Google Analytics, one that stands out, Web Analytics TV.
Web Analytics TV is an interactive in some sense as you and me get to ask questions from Google Analytics team. You can also vote on your favorite question if someone has already asked the question. All this is done at GA Moderator site. The chosen question are answered by Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski, usually with a guest expert.
They also present "Analytics Ninja of the Eepisode" and gifts like copy of Web Analytics 2.0.
So start the learning process by watching the latest episode, #16. The discusion agenda with the time line is below the video and so is the link to the Analytics blog.

* (0:34) Detecting new local search engines in Google Analytics
* (1:11) Effects of browser Do Not Track features on Google Analytics
* (2:50) Is there anything you can do to reduce sampling in reports
* (4:56) Measuring visitors who have visited one page for more than 30s
* (5:50) Is passing a random visitor id in a visitor level custom var allowed?
* (7:03) Tracking Google Places paid ad referrals
* (8:18) Using jQuery to track outbound links
* (9:18) Ways to filter or segment on the day of week
* (10:05) When will Google Analytics work on devices that don’t support Flash
* (11:06) How to track e-commerce and goals that happen on a 3rd party site
* (12:37) Unique visitor metrics now available through the API
* (14:38) Tracking Ecommerce transactions in one web property in different profiles
* (15:45) Is it OK to track the name and email address with Google Analytics
* (16:23) Can you use events to track outbound links on your site
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