Monday, January 10, 2011

Bringing Your Business Online With A Google Account.

Happy New Year Folks, We wanted to greet this new year by telling you how to bring your business online with a simple Google Account and an optional $10 bill you may find in your pocket. The $10 is optional but will give your site a legitimate domain name which will make it easier for you to take main stream once you hit big in the internet arena. Read on
If you did not know, Google provides a vast array of free products that allows one to business and to get the toes wet in the Internet before going gaga like Lady Gaga.
The most important part is to get a Google Account if you do not have one yet. Once you have that, it is your key to surf through all that Google offers free to us.
Starting with, which you could access with your Google login will allow you to start a weblog or more commonly known as a blog, like our blog, MyADLETS, the viral frontier is known all over the world. It will help us to go main tream once we have completed our plans that we are cooking. "myadlets" is a valuable keyword in our plans. Keyword is something that you will learn, once you have setup your site.

Once you have registered your blog, in the line of, as in you can start customizing your site with templates, which are available all over the web. You can also add your fellow business partners or employees as fellow bloggers (they will need to get their own Google Accounts). Once you have gotten all these detais sorted out, you can start blogging about your business.
You can create pages, one about your products enhanced with photos, drawings etc and another for your contact information and so forth. Once search engines learn about your blog and start indexing, the world wide web will learn about your site, slowly. There are other ways you can make the faster. You will learn about them as you go.
Now about that optional $10. Remember we just said about your "", now by investing $10, you will be able to purchase a domain name, "", as in reflecting your business, provided the name is not already taken. In that case you have to get creative about the name.
Either way "" will give you counless options to expand. Even in this no cost setup, you can still go further with a custom domain name. From Google it self, you will be able to get an e-mail, calendar and document system identical to the free products on the web, but which operate within your custom domain.
Mashable editor Matt Silverman has written a more descriptive article on the same subject on openforum.
Good luck with your online ventures. Sphere: Related Content

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