Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Did We Search In 2010 And Which Sites Did We Visit?

Looks like we have been doing a bunch of things in 2010. More and more people got on the net and searched visited sites. It looks like facebook became the most searched about, most visited site on the net. Of all the facebook related searches, facebook was the numero uno in the top ten search terms, there was no change from 2009.
Then there is "facebook login" which was holding number nine position on the top 10 search terms in 2009 jumped to position 2 this year, just behind facebook. Myspace, which held the number two position dropped to sixth position,

Yahoo exchanged position with ebay and google which was in the sixth position disappeared from the list, I guess we don't have to search fro google any more since we are going there first in any case. Or is it? Looks like we dropped google for facebook! facebook accounted for 8.93% of all internet visits while google met 7.19%.
There were many other changes as well like " the top searched for athlete was Tiger Woods and the top sports team was the Dallas Cowboys from within the Sports category." you can find about them by visiting HITWISE.
Welcome to 2011, soon, and let us search and visit. Sphere: Related Content

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