Saturday, July 3, 2010

Will iADs Choke Up Your iPhone Screen?

When it come to a phone screen, be they iPhones or Droids, screen real estate is premium. Does not matter if you are playing a game or using an App, if an ad like iAD also tries to cram the screen, I would find it pretty annoying.
Apple is actively pushing it's developers to integrate iADs in the apps or games and if you are going to ask "So what?" I have a question in turn for you. What if Sony or Sharp sell a part of your TV screen for advertisers. These ads I mention are in addition to the ones you get from Cable TV or TV Stations. They will reside in a bar above all else.

While iADs on your phone might be a brilliant marketing and money making strategy for Apple, it might be a nightmare for users.
Gizmodo has done a nice piece on the whole subject. Their article actually prompted me to jot down this post. Follow the link and see what you think about it, forced iADs in your iPhone.
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