Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Analytics How To: Use Dashboard To Save Mutiple Clicks And Time!

I just read an post on Google Analytics blog about a small but a valuable tip;
 Once you have gone through and created a nice reports, of of those real deep level ones, like analyzing your visitors from different cities in your state or any other state of a country for that matter by;

Click Visitors
            Map Over Lay
                United States
                     and your preferred State.
If this is a report you would like to visit regularly, make it simple add it to your dash board!. So next time you can select it direct from the dashboard, saving a bunch of clicks and having to remember the steps.
Try it now. Go to one of your favorite reports that requires several clicks to access. Once you've arrived at the report you want --and at the level you want it -- click Add to Dashboard. (The Add to Dashboard button is at the top of your report on the left, next to the Export and Email buttons.)
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