Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Power Up Local Business With Google "The Local Business Center dashboard"

If you are in business, local or otherwise, and if you think that your local business will make a big difference in your income, google have come to your aid. Thanks to Local Business Center from Google, Google Maps and Google Search, you might also be able to get a lot of online traffic through your business listing.

It is not hard as it seems, Go to Local Business Center: http://www.google.com/lbc | Create a Local Business Center listing. This will certainly help clients find your business on Google and Google Maps. Once that is happening you can tap into the Google Analytics and power of Google's data to learn where your customers come from and what they search for to find you.

Official Google Blog: The Local Business Center dashboard opens its doors

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corporate video said...

As the web market staurates, smaller businesses will be key players marking the growth ofthe internet. I think Google is innvolvative to focus especially on small local businesses. With teh popularity of iphone and other such devices local searching is becoming increasingly imprortant and we are using in the internet more to find lservices locally