Monday, February 9, 2009

Display Relevant Google News On Your Website

I usually start my web day with reading Google News among other news portals. But I am sure many of you start your day with your own website. In that case, Google has offered means for you to run Google news sidebar or a Google news widget on your site, saving you you few clicks. (In my case click home icon and then click news as my starter page is Google.)
You will also be able to focus on the segment of the news you want to read or know. Perhaps what your readers might be interested in like Sports, Business or entertainment. If you prefer, you can also select keywords releated to your website, like Advertising or The viral frontier, as I would chose.
All these are thanks to Google Ajax Search API and you can read their post or just run the wizard offered by the team. I learnt about it at the following link;
Official Google Blog: Add Google News to your website Sphere: Related Content

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