Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Japanese language Webmaster Central Blog Launched.

Google has launched a Japanese language Webmaster Central Blog. It will be a boon to Japanese webmasters looking for ways to improve their websites and web site rankings. Even if you are proficient in English, it is always nice to read something in your mother tongue. Another factor is that there might be SEO information specific to Japanese region and Japanese language.
The first of such articles, 冬休みに向けてのヒント (Winter Tips ?) is providing a bunch of information such as getting your site indexed to looking after site links. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, December 15, 2008

OpenX, Open Source AdServer, Going Places

When I asked Will Open Source AD Networks Have Clout?, a year ago, I was not really sure about the OpenAd server by OpenX.
But after actually running the server for experimental work and watching the company grow, things are really changing in the open source or other ad networks. ReadWriteWeb has a good article, on the status of the OpenX, the company behind the OpenAd server.
RWW, aske the company how it is going to challenge the growing Ad markets with many ad networks. The answers are;

1) OpenX is an independent, neutral provider
2) The second difference between OpenX and Ad Manager is that OpenX is open source and "infinitiely customizable".
3) The third difference is that OpenX is "very very feature rich" compared to other ad servers - and not just Google's.
But the RWW article has much more information. As for me, yes it seems that Open Source Adnetworks does seem to have clout.

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Optimize Google AdWords To Serve Hard Times.

If you are handling or looking forward to take over an Google AdWords account, then there is an article you must read. Mashable has published, a post by search marketing guru, Shimon Sandler.
I think it is an informational post, even if you do not deal with AdWords.
Here is the article;
How To Optimize Google Adwords

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Google AdSense for Domains, Make Money WIth Parked Domains

If you got parked domains, Google has a progrm to help you to make some money out of it. The program is known as Google AdSense for Domains,
Explaining the value odf the program, Google Adsense is expanding this AdSense option for all publishers in the US (and possibly other countries in the future).

From the main site;
"Q: What domains are eligible for AdSense for domains? A: AdSense for domains can be used on any domain that adheres to Google’s policies.
Q: Is Google involved in the selection or registration of the domains in the AdSense for domains program?
A: Google is not involved with the selection or registration of these domain names, and is not in a position to arbitrate trademark disputes between the registrants, our partners, and trademark owners. Accordingly, we encourage trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the registrants or registrars. As a courtesy to trademark owners, Google provides a simple publicly available complaint procedure and, once notified of a legitimate complaint against a specific domain, Google will no longer serve ads to that domain. For instructions on how to file a complaint, please refer to the Trademark Complaint Process page. Additionally, a copy of our publicly available trademark policy is available online.
Q: Where can I find more information about the AdSense for domains program?
A: Please refer to our Help Center for more information.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up Coming AdWords Changes For 2009

Google AdWords API blog has posted planned changes for 2009. It also mentions that this might be implemented in the first half of the 2009.
* New calls features
o More operations in a single call: We're changing the way services are constructed so that you'll be able to accomplish more work per call. Specifically, operations will accept a variety of modifiers acting on elements across ad groups. For example, you'll be able to add, update, and delete keywords across ad groups, all within a single call.
o Asynchronous calls: We'll offer asynchronous calls, which will allow you to work with large sets of data faster and more easily. Instead of having to wait for our system to fully complete your request before you can make another one, you'll be able to make another call as soon as the API service confirms that it's received your previous call. No more waiting for large requests to be finished. (Synchronous methods will still be supported as well.)
o Partial failure acceptance: We plan to support partial failure, so large posts aren't rolled back due to a few errors. This allows you to keep moving forward with development and not have to re-do the same posts.
* Lower costs: We plan to directly reduce API units consumed for the new asynchronous methods, and are exploring other ways to improve the value you get from the AdWords API by lowering costs and/or quota use.
* Faster development: Our new codebase will allow us to expose new AdWords features faster, keeping the API more closely in line with the AdWords web interface. This will make it easier for you to keep your applications current and to take advantage of the latest AdWords advancements.

The fundamental changes are supposed to offer you some advantages:

Google AdWords API

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Google Desktop Gadget For Youtube

YouTube has released a YouTube Gadget for Google Desktop. The Gadget is based on Open Source and relies on Data API feeds to search and retrieve most popular videos from YouTube for the day. The code, will help you to learn how to build your own desktop app to utilize YouTube APIs. The best part is that if have any questions or feedback, you can send an email to gd-developer AT gmail DOT com.
How about building a Advertising Gadget and interfacing with Google AdSense?
YouTube API Blog: YouTube Google Desktop Gadget
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Psolenoid, Trackback In An Innovative Way!

New way of trackbacks? Yes that is what the new startup, Psolenoid says. You can filter out spam, you can trackback to and get trackbacks from blogengines that does not support trackback feature, like Live Journal.
Usually a trackback comes from a another blog that references on of your posts and the trackback will have a little blurb from the post. Your readers might want to read a new facet on your post or a reaction. So these trackbacks are very interesting and attractive to bloggers.
The process is simple as well and it looks like entering a comment. But rather than me retelling, watch the video and perhaps start getting proper trackbacks and links!
This site is Psolenoid activated now. I also left a trackback on Psolenoid blog via this method!

Psolenoid from psolenoid on Vimeo.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Conferencing! With DimDim!!

We all know thatin any marketing or advertising operation there is always need of being in touch with people. Sometimes near, sometimes afar but having that face to face talk showing the sketch on the napkin and telling about a site and a product that you know, helps a lot. We all go to great lengths to setup and acomplish these meetings.
So according to SnapVoIP, DimDIm has come with a product that allows all the above and more with online conferencing. Follow the line to get a free conferencing account that will allow you to host up to 20 users.
DimDim Sheds Beta Tag And Gives Free Conferencing! | VOIP IP Telephony

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Songbird, Open Source Media Player, Browser Launched

I would say it is a media browser than a Media player as it brings together most of the media on the web. The team has released the first public version of the songbird browser, that has been in the making since 2005.
The Mashtape allows you to search and play a song and then will search the internet for media relevant to the song from places like Flickr and YouTube. I think it is an app worth looking into, if you are media inclined.
So why is this on advertising blog? There are more ways to advertise than the traditionl ways. Now go create content, related to songs, there will be millions watching your products, if SongBird is a hit!
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