Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will Open Source AD Networks Have Clout?

Today I set out to see Open Source AD networks as a seed idea for MyAdlets. Well I found two systems that were open source and that I found to be worthwhile.
The developers (if they accept,) will have some point to start and carry on the project. Then come the next item, could MyAdlets could compete in tight space in advertising? perhaps be an agent to a successful one? yet to decide.
But the article is about Open Source advertisement program. Well the number one is OpenAds. I like the product and the way it is handled, as a project and the way the code is implemented. If you want to get familiar with the project, their blog is a good place to start. Once familiar with the concept, may be this tutorial, "targeting Ads using source parameter" announced on this blog post; How to implement easy and effective ad targeting using Openads
But if you want to dive in like I did, you can download the current release, Openads 2.4.1 from here and read the release notes by clicking here.
Again if you are lazy to download and install there is a demo server that you can try out the features before you download the product. I am sure I am going to test openads out. I hope you find this information helpful.
I will have a post about the other program soon.
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