Thursday, December 4, 2008

Psolenoid, Trackback In An Innovative Way!

New way of trackbacks? Yes that is what the new startup, Psolenoid says. You can filter out spam, you can trackback to and get trackbacks from blogengines that does not support trackback feature, like Live Journal.
Usually a trackback comes from a another blog that references on of your posts and the trackback will have a little blurb from the post. Your readers might want to read a new facet on your post or a reaction. So these trackbacks are very interesting and attractive to bloggers.
The process is simple as well and it looks like entering a comment. But rather than me retelling, watch the video and perhaps start getting proper trackbacks and links!
This site is Psolenoid activated now. I also left a trackback on Psolenoid blog via this method!

Psolenoid from psolenoid on Vimeo.
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