Sunday, October 26, 2008

Canned Resposes With Your Gmail

Gmail Labs (Please note labs features may not be permanent and may give you trouble, but if so happens you can escape lab monster by going to and Labs will be temporarily disabled.) Has introduced "Canned Responses" Gmail.
This should come in handy if you have to send a reply(ies) to without having to type same thing 20 times, in cases like responding to your blog visitors.
If the feature sticks, I think it will be nice to use this as a custom signature. You can have multiple signatures based on blogs, business and personal etc. Perhaps Gmail should rerelease this as Custom Signature!
You can try it by visiting Gmail Labs
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Emoticons In Your Gmail (Gmail Smilies)

Looks like you can send emails embedded with emoticons with your Gmail now. On my gmail, compose mode I have two sets of Smilies or emoticons.
Google Gmail team has not spared anything in the collection as you can see from the above!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

LiveRail AdServer Provides iPhone Apps With Video Ads.

If you are a iPhone application developer, now there is another way to take into account when thinking about monetizing the product. LiveRail's has released iPhone AdManager toolkit which allows developers to insert video ads into their applications.
According to Liverail site, the toolkit comes with example code to give your apps the ability to connect to LiveRail AdServer send targeting criteria, dynamically select, display and track video ads within your application.
There is also two ways to present ads to your audience, one that includes an introductory splash-screen before the pre-roll plays and another that goes directly into a pre-roll before returning to your main application.

The iPhone AdManager requires a LiveRail AdServer account. To open an account, please contact us via

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I Can Haz 33K DIGGs!

Who are the Kings of DIGG? here it is from DIGG

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google Releases AdWords Editor 6.5

Adwords Editor 6.5 has been released with quite a few improvements and enhancements. Some of the most notables are;
Keyword Opportunities (Beta)
The Keyword expansion feature generates keyword ideas based on words or phrases.
The Keyword multiplier combines lists of terms to form new keywords.

Data view improvements
Column auto-sizing: Double-click a column header to fit the width to its contents, or right-click the column header and select 'Auto-size Column.' To auto-size all columns at once, click the column chooser and select 'Auto-size All Columns.'
Horizontal scrolling: You can now scroll from left to right.
Column selection: The column chooser stays open until you click away or hit the Escape key.
Date picker: Use a calendar to select campaign end dates and date ranges for performance statistics.

New editing options
Copy campaign or ad group 'shells': This feature enables you to copy a campaign or ad group without the items inside, then paste the duplicate campaign or ad group into a new location. Go to the Edit menu > Copy Special.
Create duplicates when replacing or appending text: When you use the Replace Text or Append Text tools (in the Edit menu) you can now create duplicates of the items you're editing and modify the duplicates instead of the originals.

Content bids
To use a separate content bid for an ad group, simply specify the bid on the Ad Groups tab. Previously, it was necessary to enable content bids for a campaign by checking a 'Content Bids' box on the Campaigns tab; this checkbox has been removed.

The upgrading your current version said to be a painless operation and you are able to do an inplace upgrade.
Follow the link the get more information and software as well.
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Google AdSense for Online Games Beta Launches

If you are a online games publisher, now there is a new avenue for you to increase your revenue. Thanks to Google AdSense for games, you can embed advertisements in you game designs.
Have you ever considered actually how many people games online? It is a pretty hefty number, closer to 200 million people seem to be playing one or more games when they are online. Of course there are many marketing and advertising folks wanting to reach those people.
You can place ad where ever you please in the game. Level Changes are the best places that I have seen adds appear on most online game sites.
There are some restrictions at the time and eligible publishers must have a minimum of 500,000 game plays per day and have 80% of their traffic from the U.S. or the U.K. If you're interested in becoming a AdSense for games beta publisher, feel free to review our complete list of requirements and submit an application. More information is available at games site.

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