Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Web of Pain," Niche Viral Advertising With Cartoons.

Meet Sam, Ned, Vinny and Zoe, four characters who are in constant conflict trying to get websites built, running, and updated … yesterday! (They are still faster than me!).
If you thought that building and managing websites is rocket science, Sitemasher is going to and hoping to make you think otherwise. For this they have four people from the Manga world, that is if you call cartoons Manga characters.
Web of Pain, see the members above, plans to educated you about the difference between traditional website design and content management systems and sitemasher's methods of cyber life creation and management.
Sitemasher takes a novel approach in debunking the myth that building and managing websites has to be painful by spoofing traditional methods in its comic strip "Web of Pain," officially launched this week.
Sitemasher Buzz: Sitemasher Launches Comic Strip to Illustrate Website Pains
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