Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Graduating, Moving To Ohio and Effective Advertising.

I am a member of EntreCard community and through the Community, I have come across various people and sites attached to them that would have never found via casual web surfing. Other than dropping cards, (just like you give your business card to your contacts) and receiving them (Like you accept business cards from people you come across in you working or non working days.) EC introduce you to a large array of web sites and blogs. So I have registered this blog, MyAdlets and Meddesktop at EntreCard site.

While browsing through the other sites, I came across Ohio Real Estate and Homes For Sale, and for some reason I knew I had to mark this site down. So as usual I dropped my card and bookmarked the site.
Later on I had to attend a graduation ceremony at my university as one of my colleagues has finished his PHD. After the lengthy graduation rituals we went out for celebration. Unlike those lower degree graduates, we do not have energy nor the capacity to party like it is 2999. We are already in the real world, we have to think of making jumps into corporate ladders a few rungs higher and prove that we are capable of going even higher, from the day one. So we went out for nice dance hosted by the alumni club and immediately started talking about what our plans for the future in our circle within the greater circle of graduates and alumni. I had nothing much to say because I am stuck with some research that I have to finish and I plan to be in the University for a few more years. This bring to mention my motto! "To Educate yourself, Never Graduate, (After finishing your Masters!)". The last part makes it easier to grab grants!.

Anyway the others who had better plans and motto's than mine, started talking about moving to other states, some to other countries. What their new jobs going to be and where they going to live. Buy a house now or rent, is it a good market to invest in a house etc.
Wham! I remembered why I bookmarked the site I mentioned above, one of the graduates, a friend of mine, is moving to Ohio and they were going to need a real estate agent in Ohio. So I pulled my Blackberry out retrieved my bookmark and emailed it to him right then and there. My friend had mentioned about looking for a job in Ohio months ago and that was in back of my mind some where. Seeing the real estate in Ohio site signaled myself to bookmark the site.

Seeing the Real Estate website in the right place, (there is no wrong place to advertise, if you know what you are doing!) I was able to connect my need (my friends need) to the resource presented to me through EntreCard Advertising.
So folks at the outset, you might wonder if it worth to advertise on a site that is not related to your field. But I think properly planed advertising has place on everywhere, be it online or offline.
The lesson for real estate agents, take a good look at graduates in your cities, those ones with PHDs and Masters, they have different needs and outlooks than other graduates. Now you know some of those needs. Real Estate. So next time when graduations come around, walk into University campuses and drop your Real Estate Business cards as most of these people will be looking for place to roost, and they can afford to buy a house or an apartment. If they are moving out, explain that you can put your network to get resources in any place they are planing to move. Remember, they also know it is better to own now than rent. It is always good to advertise your site on EntreCard too.
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