Monday, June 30, 2008

$190 Burger and Advertising To High End That Makes You Say Holy Cow!

Would you pay much less eat a burger at $190 if it was described like this;
"Unfortunately the meat has to be cooked to U.K. Food Safety Standards at around 74 degrees Celsius (165 Fahrenheit), so it's overcooked by anyone's standards and pretty dry."

This is exactly what the author of the article Emma Hall had to say about Burger King's new upscale limited time pointed at Harrod's crowd in west London.
According to the article this is a PR drive to benefit a children's charity and of course to drive up chains name high in British eyes.
So far they have managed to offload it to 90 children loving or who thought Burger king was from royal family. But the benefit might work out to be positive as it seems it certainly has upped the interest of competition, one with double arc. The article on Advertising Age in thought provoking (likes of stupid {not the article}) so read it and do what ever you do when ever you are *,*,*, and **.
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