Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quest For Marketing Lists, Second Step.

I always look to see how others are doing in marketing and advertising to pickup what ever the knowledge in this field. Because I need to bring out MyAdlets into the world as soon as possible in good footing. There has to be an Apple somewhere out there, for me to munch on, daily.
It is like the previous article about the AdAge Power 150. I learned a lot form that list. So I set out to look for more lists which are similar and Bam! I came across a list of lists, not much but five of them (but good enough to keep me busy for a while!). The lists were laid out in with information on as to why they are important and a lesson to be learned from each list. How they made it to the list. Once you realize that the underlying core is getting out there, whatever the best for you. It is the contacts you make and the people you know and it helps if you are known, does not matter which industry.
The list is made by Rohit Bhargava, and I think you will be glad that he made the 5 Great Marketing Blog Lists if you are into learning and using all those marketing knowledge. One thing I am glad about is that Todd Andrlik's AdAge Power 150 was the first on his list with this suggestion;
The Lesson: Create a truly authoritative way of measuring influence, and let others share it.

You will find this lesson and four more at Digitalmediawire.
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