Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quest For Knowledge and AdAge Power 150

Since I am all about advertising in small bits, adlets, I set out to see how big boys and girls are doing. I had so much resources as advertising is a large arena with so many players and bystanders. So after shifting through a lot of fronts that appear to be Advertising and Marketing bigwigs, I landed on Advertising Age's front page, also known as
Advertising Age is a hub for all your advertising and marketing needs and I am spending a quite a lot of time learning just going through the site. There are many sections that you could find new and old information on, but explaining will be harder but letting you go there and see for your self is much easier. So follow the link below.
But One gem I found there was the AdAge Power 150, created by: Todd Andrlik and managed by: Charlie Moran.
The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world, and the creator himself is a marketing executive and blogger, Todd Andrlik. But on his site,, he says he shortened his name to make it easier for visitors to handle the name. Again Toddand is a treasure trove for anyone to catchup with things you don't and do know about marketing.
The Power 150 is selected after calculating and comparing a large number of criteria and rankings. Such as Technorati, Alexa, google pagerank, etc with;
Todd Points (1 to 15): As the only subjective measure in the Power 150 algorithm, 1 to 15 opinion points were assigned to each blog. Todd Andrlik values frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality content. The use of audio, video and graphics is also heavily weighted in the Todd Points.
You can find all these information here.
So now I have a list of 620+ advertising and Marketing bigwigs to learn from. So if you are a single star like me better head over there.
Advertising Age
AdAge Power 150.
Watch out I plan to get myself in to the list.

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