Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Let the Dogs Out, Or Advertise On Yelp!

When almost all web based business models are clamoring advertising money, the advertisers are also barking at the gates of successful web sites. I usually visit Valley Girl, Sarah Lacy to see what she has found in this world of technology including online advertising. This time I found that she has written about Yelp and about advertising on this review site. my girl friend and I, check out many things at Yelp, mostly restaurant ratings and clubs. I know some folks at Yelp but I have yet been to one of their parties. I plan to make it sooner. But I am yet to see an ad on Yelp too. Then I learned by reading the article, a new side to advertising for Web 2.0 companies!. Would you like to sponsor this?

So where does the real people go at this time?

So much to learn!. Feel like an infant in this advertising world. You also can start by reading the fine article.

"Don't be fooled by Jeremy Stoppelman's persona. The barely-30 CEO of local-review site Yelp may exude the Web 2.0 ethos, sporting jeans and T-shirts about town, bringing his dog, Darwin, to work, and hosting blowout parties at San Francisco's swank Roe or his own South-of-Market Street loft.
Just beneath the hipster facade, Stoppelman is serious about business. During an hour-long interview,Web-based business models are all clamoring for ad dollars, but how many of them have asked the hard questions of themselves? Like, "Will our users click banner ads?""

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