Monday, April 21, 2008

GOOG-411, The New Yellow Book!

I just came across this Google service and tested it out. I like the product and the way it handle most of our daily needs when we need to find a local product or service.
I asked for a plumber and I got connected. Apologized to the lady who answered and hung up. But one thing I know is that I will pickup my phone instead of that big fat book.
You don't need a computer
, an Internet connection, or even the keypad on your phone or mobile device. GOOG-411 is voice-activated, so you can access it from any phone (mobile or land line), in any location, at any time. For free. (Google doesn't charge you for the information or for connecting you to the business you're looking for. Keep in mind, though, that your telephone company may apply regular charges for making a phone call or receiving an SMS.)

Dial (1-800) GOOG-411. Say where. Say what you're looking for. GOOG-411 will connect you with the business you choose.

If you are calling from a mobile device, GOOG-411 can even send you a text message with more details and a map. Simply say "Text message" or "Map it."

Currently, GOOG-411 is only available in the US for US business listings and you have to be speaking English at the moment. Also if you do not want to reveal you phone number, just block your caller ID before you call. With many phone services, you can do this by dialing *67 before the phone number. In most cases, you can also block your number through the menus on your mobile phone. For specific details on how to block your caller ID, contact your service provider.

You can get more information on Goog-411 here. And I learned about this from Big Marketing.

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