Saturday, December 22, 2007

Grass Get Trampled When Elephants Fight

Grass (Yahoo) Get Trampled When Elephants (Microsoft, Google) Fight, might be the outcome, Swisher at all things digital wonders.
It seems there are whirlwinds in the ad market place. Time to pay attention and learn something. Sphere: Related Content

Friday, December 21, 2007

Geemodo: Google Can DoubleClick FTC Agrees.

Geemodo: Google Can DoubleClick FTC Agrees. Sphere: Related Content Announces Strategic Relationship with Citysearch

Allows small businesses to manage their message and extend their reach on the local web

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) Corporation (NASDAQ:LOCM), a leading local search engine, today announced a strategic partnership with Citysearch, a leading online guide and an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ:IACI). will benefit from additional advertiser revenue and content on its site by displaying Citysearch business profile data including over one million editorial and user reviews, as well as ratings, business coupons and photos. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The agreement allows Citysearch to increase its advertiser reach on and its distribution network of over 400 regional media sites, which serve over 10 million visitors each month. has a proven track record in providing highly relevant local information to millions of consumers each month, said Rob Angel, Citysearch Vice President of Media & Advertising. This relationship allows our merchants to expand their local advertising reach and connect with more consumers, while delivering a consistent message across the local web. users benefit from access to Citysearchs extensive local content, allowing us to do an even better job of serving the millions of users each month that trust our brand to find a local business, said Peter Hutto, Vice President, Business Development and Sales. We believe Citysearch advertisers will benefit from the high ROI of our search traffic, and this in turn will help drive improved monetization of our site.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

WIDGNET™ to Provide Ads in Widgets for Social Networks is providing an easier way for widget developers for social networks such as facebook to provide advertising though the products they develop.
WeSeePeople: WIDGNET™ Creates Ad and Revenue Streams With Social Networks Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will Open Source AD Networks Have Clout?

Today I set out to see Open Source AD networks as a seed idea for MyAdlets. Well I found two systems that were open source and that I found to be worthwhile.
The developers (if they accept,) will have some point to start and carry on the project. Then come the next item, could MyAdlets could compete in tight space in advertising? perhaps be an agent to a successful one? yet to decide.
But the article is about Open Source advertisement program. Well the number one is OpenAds. I like the product and the way it is handled, as a project and the way the code is implemented. If you want to get familiar with the project, their blog is a good place to start. Once familiar with the concept, may be this tutorial, "targeting Ads using source parameter" announced on this blog post; How to implement easy and effective ad targeting using Openads
But if you want to dive in like I did, you can download the current release, Openads 2.4.1 from here and read the release notes by clicking here.
Again if you are lazy to download and install there is a demo server that you can try out the features before you download the product. I am sure I am going to test openads out. I hope you find this information helpful.
I will have a post about the other program soon.
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Goodbye "Site Targeting" Say hello to "Placement Targeting"

"Site Targeting" has changed into "Placement Targeting" in AdSense to better reflect the true nature of ad placement options available to advertisers. There supposed to be variety of targeting options and yet Advertisers can still target their ads to an entire site, but they can now also target your individual ad units or groups of pages based on how you’ve set up ad placements using custom channels.
In addition to Placement targeting, advertisers can bid on placement-targeted ads (formerly known as site-targeted ads) on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Previously, advertisers could only bid on these targeted ads on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Just as with contextually targeted CPC ads, you’ll generate earnings for valid clicks on placement-targeted CPC ads.
Follow the link to learn more.

Inside AdSense: Say hello to placement targeting Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quigo in the arms of AOL? Will fill the Gap In Advertising

Guy Griml is reporting on Haaretz that Time Warner Inc.'s AOL Internet division is about to buy Israeli startup Quigo for $300 million, the biggest exit of the year in Israel. Time Warner is the world's largest communications group, and AOL plans to use Quigo's technology to compete against Internet giants such as Google and Yahoo!
Quigo makes two products for Internet advertising. AdSonar, similar to Google's AdSense, places links on search results related to a given search. This happens without the user being aware that the order of links shown is based on the payments made by advertisers to the site's owner.
The other product, FeedPoint, serves up ads on search results or Internet publishing sites connecting the relevant ads to the user's interests. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, November 5, 2007

VOIP IP Telephony: No gPhone (Google Phone) But Open Handset Alliance and Android.

VOIP IP Telephony: No gPhone (Google Phone) But Open Handset Alliance and Android.: "No gPhone (Google Phone) But Open Handset Alliance and Android." Sphere: Related Content

All the ADSense Resources from a single Tab and AdSense Story Contest

Yes, If you log into your AdSense account, you will notice a new tab called Resources as seen above.
I may have seen it but did not notice it until I read the post on AdSense Blog, "Right from the resource", which I just verified on my AdSense account. As the post described, the Help Center, Program Policies, and Help Forum and Optimization Tips page and webmaster central that I have used time to time.
Inside AdSense: Right from the resource

While you are there, check out AdSense Story Contest, (Submission deadline is November 14th), Hurry up and submit your entry. More info here;
Inside AdSense: AdSense Publisher Stories:
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cellphone ADs are location based, Some uses Bluetooth to corner you.

M1, a cellphone operator in Singapore with 1.4 million customers, on Thursday started using triangulation to send unsolicited location-based advertising by text message after a successful two-day trial in October. The trial included no more than two ads a day from a department store, an ice cream maker and coffee shops. Each message came with the ability - free of charge - to opt out of future advertising. Only 0.2 percent of the recipients opted out during the trial.

"People didn't seem to mind the advertisements," said Neil Montefiore, M1's chief executive. "There is a market for this, but we have seen that without discounts, customers don't want this type of advertising.

"Retailers tend to sell at peak hours, especially food and coffee shops, so if they can attract people at down hours, that could be very valuable for them," he added.

The Australian affiliate of Vodaphone recently began using Bluetooth to send location-based ads, and the service may soon be expanded to other countries, said Richard Saggers, the head of Vodafone's advertising business. NTT DoCoMo in Japan and KT in South Korea are some of the other companies that have begun to use location-based advertising.

Herald Tribune

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where do you go to find ADs

Yes, anyone has a list of ad agencies like adsense, reputable and no hassle. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

AdBlock Plus might change web advertising landscape

Don't forget to check out graphics at the end of the post!
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Yahoo goes further with ADs and Google AdWords gets good news

Web portal giant Yahoo has further underlined its determination to wrestle a portion of the online advertising market from rival Google, by announcing plans to acquire global ad network provider BlueLithium.

The $300m deal will give Yahoo control over the second largest advertising network in the UK with 145 million unique visitors each month, enabling the firm to meet the needs of its advertisers and publishers better, according to Yahoo.

"This falls very much in line with our strategy," said Yahoo's UK managing director, Glen Drury. "It dramatically extends our reach so advertisers get more bang for their buck and users don't get chased by advertisements across lots of web sites if they are not effective."

In addition, BluLithium offers performance management and analytical technology which Yahoo currently does not have in its portfolio, Drury added. This information could help web sites to match the advertising displayed on them to customers' interests more effectively.

Meanwhile Google got some good news when US retailer American Blinds and Wallpaper Factory (ABWF) dropped its long-running lawsuit against the search giant.

ABWF had challlenged Google's AdWords keyword advertising system, saying it didn't have the right to sell advertising beside search results related to its name.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

AdSense Taking a day of rest

Observing the labor day, a holiday in the USA, AdSense informs us that it will not be able to respond to inquiries as fast as it used to be on Monday the 3rd September 2007. Further information at Inside AdSense: Taking a day of rest Sphere: Related Content

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Geemodo: AdSense Checks and checking up on them

If you had any questions about AdSense checks and how and when they get to you, here is the direction!
Geemodo: AdSense Checks and checking up on them Sphere: Related Content

Friday, August 10, 2007

"crumbled" cookies in Google ads

Google is conducting some tests in serving you with ads. The new or latest tests a re focusing on policies on privacy. The privacy features we'll test in these experiments follow some recently-announced policies, such as a shorter expiration date for the cookie set on your computer and anonymization of the logs data after 18 months.
Some of the ideas Google is exploring include:
  • using "crumbled" cookies, so that the data typically associated with one unique identifying number or "cookie ID" will be broken up among multiple different cookies and diffuse the ad history of individual users;
  • providing better forms of notice within ads, to help users understand who is serving the ads they see, and what data is being collected; and
  • giving users the ability to provide feedback to us about the ads they like and don't like.
Official Google Blog: Online ad-serving tests: "Some of the ideas we're exploring include: * using 'crumbled' cookies,.... the original post.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Advertise Nationally through one-order, one-bill and one-cost-per-thousand impressions.

RALEIGH, N.C., July 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Advertisers now have an easier way to reach the desirable demographic of newspaper website
readers locally, regionally and nationally
through one-order, one-bill and
one-cost-per-thousand impressions.
The Real Cities Network ( and DotConnect
Media ( today announced a unique partnership that will form an exclusive network of local newspaper websites that deliver a combined 43 million unique visitors each month (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, March 2007). Both organizations will maintain their separate sales forces and support personnel.
Operated by McClatchy Interactive, a division
of The McClatchy Company(NYSE: MNI), the Real
Cities Network includes websites owned by some
of the nation's largest media corporations,
including Belo Corp., Cox Newspapers Inc.,
Hearst Corp., The McClatchy Company, Media
General, MediaNews Group,Scripps and others.
DotConnect Media, which sells local, regional
and national advertising across 1,300 local
suburban newspaper websites powered by and ZWire!, will extend its reach
with national advertisers by teaming with Real
Cities. Founded as AdOne in 1998 and acquired by
Lee Enterprises in March 2006, DotConnect is the
nation's oldest and most extensive network of
local online media sites.
"One of the goals for Real Cities coming into
2007 was to expand the network's reach in the
top markets, as well as boost local market
penetration for specific advertisers," said
David Fitzpatrick, vice president of sales
for Real Cities. "The combination of sites in
the DotConnect Media network allows us to do both.
We are very excited about the enormous potential
that lies ahead as we work with DotConnect Media
to increase the size of our advertising footprint."
This partnership will allow advertisers to reach
more than 1,400 local news websites. The partnership
deepens Real Cities' penetration into localmarkets
across the nation, including a stronger presence in
the top 25 designated market areas (DMAs). According
to Nielsen//NetRatings custom data for March 2007,
the Real Cities Network reaches 31.5 million unique
visitors each month, and DotConnect Media's network
reaches more than 11.8 million. "This partnership
between Real Cities and DotConnect Media will offer
advertisers the ability to greatly enhance their
reach in local markets," said Charles Kolsky, vice
president of business development for
"Advertisers will have one-stop shopping to more than
1,400 websites across the United States, many of them
the most highly trafficked local sites in their markets."
The audience of the DotConnect Media network very closely
mirrors that of Real Cities: younger, more educated and
affluent. Together, the combined network will offer
advertisers an even deeper reach into some of the most
affluent markets in the United States, including New York,
San Francisco and Boston. DotConnect Media's most popular site,, attracts 2.2 million unique
visitors each month (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, March 2007)
DotConnect Media also has a strong presence in Philadelphia,
St. Louis, Minneapolis and Sacramento. Advertisers will have
the flexibility to choose a customized media buy by specific
market, geographic footprint or other criteria within the
expansive online network. For more information about
advertising with the Real Cities Network, call 1-800-236-9831,
or e-mail For DotConnect Media, call
Charles Kolsky at 1-309-314-6965 or e-mail .

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

ADs on ATM to introduce use fee, in Japan

OGAKI, Gifu -- Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank has decided to begin running short commercials on its automatic teller machines (ATMs) in Gifu in exchange for cutting after-hours handling fees by half.

The bank, based in Ogaki, will begin playing the commercials on its ATMs in Gifu from Monday. After the 6-second ads from a sports product retailer play customers will be able to proceed with their transactions.

In addition to the onscreen ads, the ATMs themselves will also bear advertisements to further appeal to customers.


In Japanese

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Google ADSense in your games! in your face!!

Kim Pallister of Microsoft Casual Games has an analysis of Google's presentation at the Casual Connect. Bernie Stolar and Greg Schaffer did the presentation about Google's intended in-game advertising.
Yes he is from Microsoft and he has just put on the web what he has jotted down at the Casual connect, and his own comments. So forgive him if he sounds not so friendly. It is just the way it is presented. What is more, if you thought he is against Google and routing for MS, why would he be blogging at Google Blogger rather than MS live Spaces. He knows good stuff when it comes to be choosing them.
But the truth of the matter is that Google's team has not done a proper job of explaining what they intend to do with in-game ads. Will they jump out of my Wii? I don't think it will be on my XBOX elite. If they did, MS will have a explanation to those mysterious crashes.
It is hard to explain what Mr. Pallister is pointing out. But you will understand once you read the post!
He finishes with an analysis that starts with;


Best summarized as: WTF!?

and that is not Technorati where is the fire! Follow the link below for a good time.

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Casual Connect Day 2: Google - Adsense for Games

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YouTube, wind, Epuron set to blow you in the wind

An ad for a German energy company (Epuron) that just knocked G.B. Veerman over! I did not get blown away but I think it is a cool ad!

So it is time to get blown!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yahoo losing in Display ads (banner ads)?

July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Yahoo! Inc. lost the battle with Google Inc. in searching the Internet and now may have jeopardized its lead in display advertisements.

Even a new chief executive officer and head of sales may not be able to prevent rival social-networking sites MySpace and Facebook Inc. from eroding Yahoo's revenue from the banner ads that make up about 40 percent of the company's sales.

Yahoo, boxed in by Google in search and by newer competitors elsewhere, hasn't been able to develop original products that will give it an unassailable position. With co-founder Jerry Yang installed as CEO three weeks ago and the stock trading 38 percent below its five-year high, Yahoo shares look cheap to 18 analysts who rate the stock ``buy.'' They may get even cheaper.

``It's very possible the stock could go down,'' said Scott Kessler, an analyst at Standard & Poor's in New York who rates the shares ``hold.'' ``People are coming to the conclusion that the recent changes will cause some kind of stock appreciation and operational improvement. I just don't see it.''

Read more at "Yahoo Chief Yang May Fail in Ad Squeeze by Google "...

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Selleing to Social networking Teens and tweens

WeseePeople carries a publication of a study done by Alloy media about Social networking behavior of teens and tweens
WeSeePeople: Alloy Media Releases Findings from Social Networking and Advertising Study Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Google ADSENSE click throgh rates discussion

We all use (Blog publishers, web masters, search engine marketeers) adsense by Google to bring some revenue through the sites we create. A post in seroundtable lead me to a discussion on DigitalPoint Forums where Google AdSense publishers are discussing their click through rates for the search ads and made some sense to what is going on with my sites, and custom search attached to those sites.
Yes the CTR rates do vary for these sites and I do not have high volume sites either. So if you are a publisher, who would like to learn more about adsense CTR, visit the DigitalPoint Forum tread.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Statcounter, Nasty adlets and a cure

If you are Statcounter member and have been receiving nasty ads on you site, you can be happy! Statcounter says it put a stop to it! But best part is I like the nasty adlets photo!, which I have stolen from statcounter blog!

"Different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world.

So, here in StatCounter HQ, we don’t actually get to see every single advert shown to our members.

We were VERY annoyed last night to discover that some nasty adverts had crept onto the StatCounter site… Please accept our apologies for this.

We HATE nasty site-invading ads and we don’t want them on StatCounter."

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get your RSS feeds fed with advertisements from Pheedo

Pheedo explains how to earn income with RSS Feeds that you generate with your web site, Blog or anything else. (I have a remote sensing device that sense earthquakes and is capable of generating RSS Feeds).
Pheedo says;
Transform your RSS feeds into high-powered advertising
Pheedo’s FeedPowered™ advertising platform converts your RSS feeds into rich, dynamically updating advertising that engages your audience.
Ads that update...automatically...
Pheedo retrieves your RSS feed several times an hour and updates your FeedPowered advertisements with any newly published items. Great for time-sensitive content and frequently updated offers.
But Pheedo tells that you and I have to join and get FeedPowered, so lets go find what they have to offer.
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

MyADLETS is born!

There are almost no full page ads on the web yet. But I am sure you have noticed entry page ads on many large sites, specially if you are entering via a link to a specific page.
But almost all others are adlets, small ads displayed on prominent places on websites, blogs, email! etc.
My idea is to explore advertisements on the web via This weblog will be the launching point for the site and where I will state my ideas about adlets.
Up to now, the Adlet are monsters that drink blood! But I willl declare, adlets are small ads on a web, blog site or delivered via email.
Forget the paper inserts that you referred as advertisements so far. You will get your ADs as you want them.

Monster came from neatorama.
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