Friday, February 11, 2011

Retail Advertising, Tips and Tricks From Google Retail Advertising.

Google AdWords team managers will be writing a series of articles focusing on tips and tricks for online adverting for particular industry. It kicked off this month with initial blog post "Tips and tricks for Financial Services advertisers" focusing on Financial Industry.

This weeks article focuses on Retail Industry and seasonality! Seasonality is a common thread for all retail business, be it a Mom and Pop shop selling products, small travel business, tiny service company and say a clothing store.
Your product and services will change with the seasons and so should your advertising.
Just say instead of feel the heat to stock up on swimsuits, use available tools to find out actually when people are looking for swimsuits and the search volume. One way is to use last years information, to visualize insights into swimsuits, like above. The pattern is obvious but have a look at how the search volume changes over the time, and by state. Perhaps Local Business could learn some thing there. In any case, year over year, you can see that swimsuit search starts early as January (People going Hawaii or other warmer climes?) . So the trick of advertising as early as possible, will bring in those customers to your business.
But something I learned is "Remarketing Tool", A Google Ad Innovation. See the video below for an introduction. It allows you to keep a track on your customers and offer your products as times change. Like people who purchased flowers from you on Valentine day might also be interested on your Mother's day specials. (For more information on holiday sales, checkout
Either way keep optimizing your advertising. Continues attension will lead to a very well shining advertising vehicle. Start with going places with Google Places.

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