Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reduce Your SEO Work. Get To The Top On Google, And BING Will Automatically Put You On Top, Two For One.

May be BING needs tarsorrhaphy, as they have denied the fact they are getting Google results, perhaps they can't see, due to drooping eyelids!
I think folks at Microsoft thought they were smart when they started using Google search results. You say What? Yes I too said What gives? Yep, all crawlers to a network can fetch the same data, right. Yes so Google folks did some clever stuff, like creating until I saw this post by even smarter Google folks.
They have known that Bing was binging on Google results with a discovery of which started with a search on tarsorrhaphy, misspelled "torsorophy" and set out to dig evidence.
Next few months, they noticed that results for all kinds of queries: popular queries, rare or unusual queries and misspelled queries appearing on Bing, including results that Google thought mistakes of it's own algorithms.
In late October 2010 when Google noticed Google’s top search result appeared at the top of Bing’s ranking for a variety of queries in increased numbers.
So from then on the game was on; they created [hiybbprqag] and inserted page from Google's results which had nothing to do with the word.
We gave 20 of our engineers laptops with a fresh install of Microsoft Windows running Internet Explorer 8 with Bing Toolbar installed. As part of the install process, we opted in to the “Suggested Sites” feature of IE8, and we accepted the default options for the Bing Toolbar.

We asked these engineers to enter the synthetic queries into the search box on the Google home page, and click on the results, i.e., the results we inserted. We were surprised that within a couple weeks of starting this experiment, our inserted results started appearing in Bing. Below is an example: a search for [hiybbprqag] on Bing returned a page about seating at a theater in Los Angeles. As far as we know, the only connection between the query and result is Google’s result page (shown above).
Yes the results appeared on Bing pointing to the same result with had nothing to do with the query. This happened many a times it seems, according to Google Fellow queried [delhipublicschool40 chdjob] (Google inserted a credit union as a result to this query. You can see the result below.

Nice, all you SEO types, only need to work with Google, you will be automatically promoted to top in BING!
Google thinks, these experiments confirms their suspicion that Bing is using some combination of:

Official Google Blog: Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it Sphere: Related Content


Daniel Nicolas said...

Ha! This is exactly what I thought (jokingly) when I saw the original post at Google - two for the price of one :D

Microsoft isn't doing their search engine any favors.

SEO Expert Chennai said...

This is exactly what I thought (jokingly) when I saw the original post at Google - two for the price of one..