Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Popular Are Your Keywords? Find Out With Google Keyword Tool!

How Popular Are Your Keywords? Find out With Google!
I hope you have a list of keywords pertaining to your site! If you do not have list of keywords, do not worry, you will be able to generate one. I will refer you to a site that will generate a list of keywords from your content, already on your site or blog, after telling you how to find out if your keywords are popular.
Once you have your keyword list ready for reference, it is our task now to findout  how popular your keywords are. Like how many people have googled them in the past month / year as well as now. So where do we go for that? Well not very far, just click on the link below which will lead you, to Google provided free keyword analysis tool.. Many people including yours truly use Google keyword analysis tools to evaluate their keywords.. Once you are at the site, you can either enter all your keywords, one per line or one by one. Either way once you are ready, click on  “SEARCH”; Google adwords will provide you with Global, local search volume as well as competition information on all your keywords
Remember I told you I will give you a link where you can find your keywords list from your own site. Well it is from the same site, instead of entering keywords, select the second option website to let Google adwords pull up keywords from your website and analyze the words in the same way. But you may have to filter out some irrelevant keywords.On the same site is the Traffic Estimator which will give another set of information on your keywords,like Estimated Avg. CPC, Estimated Ad Position, Estimated Daily Clicks, and Estimated Daily Cost.
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