Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your Blog + Google AdSense = Making Money

If you blogging, who does not?, it will be a good idea to make some money with it.
Many bloggers have gone into becoming millionaires just with blogs and proper advertising plans. Of course the traffic, visitors to your blog matters a lot.
Another factor for bloggers regarding income from their blog : it will prompt them to blog in a continuous manner and also turn in to promoting the blog more. SEO techniques, link harnessing are all a factor of marketing your blog and drawing people to come and read what you write. More the visitors, more the chance the ads on your blog get clicked.

For all that to happen, you need to do some simple work ; you need to display ads on your blog!
Again it is not a big deal thanks to Google Adsense, which is now integrated into Google Blogger. You can access it via "Monetize | Setup AdSense" link on your blogger control panel.

Once you have done this and begin to promote your blog, you can watch your progress of;
1. Traffic sources
2. What people like to read
3. Number of clicks and money you earned
Via Google Analytics, a must for anyone who has a website, blog. Get rich, start monetizing your blog today.
If yopu want learn more about Google AdSense, take this tour.

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