Friday, February 26, 2010

Paris Hilton"s Devassa Beer Ad Causes An Stir In Brazil

If hot and spicy women in Brazilian beaches are anything to go by, Brazil's advertising watchdog is not having any of that on TV. It has said the ad devalues women, specially the blond ones!
The ad is not problematic because Paris Hilton's lack of clothes but the sensual nature of the ad.
have no idea how to measure sensuality but I had to search for a bikini on some of the women I saw on Brazilian beaches, they were so small.
Devassa Beer Ad has already done the intended purpose. Here is the ad, you decide. 

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Monday, February 22, 2010

"Mobile-ize Your Business" Google Webinar On Mobile Advertising | VOIP IP Telephony

Google is holding a webinar on Mobile Advertising trends on March 2nd. Follow the link for more information.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Driving Hispanic Auto Consumers To Your Site

I have been wanting to purchase a new car for a while now but every time I am about to buy, there is a set back. One or other recall, auto maker hiding facts from consumers are making my purchase no sooner. They need to get in front of customers and make them trust the great American cars trustworthy again, no matter what make they are.
Auto industry is currently facing crisis and looking for come backs, advertising and reaching customers effectively play a major factor, in making your product stand out! But are they missing a major portion of the buyers in the web medium?
Large fraction of the industry, the Hispanic auto buyers seem to be researching the products on the web,
92% of Hispanic new-vehicle buyers visited an automaker site or a 3rd Party site (such as or prior to their vehicle purchase, compared to 84% of the general Internet population, representing a major opportunity for automakers, 3rd Party sites, and Dealers.
But that is the tip of the ice berg, they are more engaged in finding their targets through the web, they search for their goods on major search engines. With the information found, they make educated purchases.
So this should be a good opportunity and time for auto makers from all walks of productions to speak Spanish, and read a wider audience to hawk their products.
Follow the link to get more information.
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Mobile-ize Your AdWords Ads!

It is good to be back after a long break.
Google AdWords Go Mobile! series has been working hard to educate users to make the better use the tools and technology available to reach mobile users.
An article on using Google Analytics to recognize the mobile users visits to a website and analyze their behavior on the site.
This week they have a lesson teaching us how to find out what mobile device the user is using so the ads could be targeted properly.
Another great piece of information, location!, knowing the location might able one to guide user to physical location nearby that provide goods or services that the user is searching for. Or perhaps you can add a phone number so that customers could click to call to reach the advertiser.
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