Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Searchology (Google Squared)

Google Searchology (Google Squared)
Google mentioned that the new twist in google search will appear in google labs no later than a month, perhaps at Matt Cutts, the search engine guru, has a nice paragraph that explains the Google Squared.
“You can type in any search and this Google Lab (scheduled to launch later this month) will try to build a useful “Square” that you can save. In the demo, if you typed in “small dogs” then Google would try to return types of small dogs, along with facts like how much they weigh. It’s easy to add a row to the Square, so you could add a row for Lhasa Apso and Google will try to infer the relevant facts from the web. You can also add new columns, e.g. if you type “energy level” then Google will look for corroborating facts across the web and try to guess the energy level of each type of dog. I can personally attest that Google Squared can be as fun as Google Maps--you can easily burn an hour just typing in random things to see what Google can do for that search..”
I don't think we need Wolfram|Alpha. Or isit?
ThechCrunch has a good video of the Google Squared;

They also looked at Search Options;
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