Friday, April 10, 2009

OpenX Ad Server 2.8 Released.

OpenX has announced the launch of the newest version of OpenX Ad Server, OpenX 2.8 at the beginning of this month which I somehow managed to miss. I really like the OpenX ad platform as I learned a lot about Ad Server technology by tinkering with it and deploying it as a test for MyAdlets in a closed Alpha.
But the latest release brings us much more to promote our on line commerce. One of the new features that stand out in 2.8 is the plugin framework. The plugin Framework introduces a new path to customize OpenX Ad Server in many ways.
One is able to build ownplugins, use the OpenX community plugins or if both the previous solutions does not fit you, have OpenX Consultants build one or two for you. OpenX expects to see many creative plugins to surface in the next few months, such as Video and mobile ad plugins.
One such is the new OpenX Market plugin, which allows you to seamlessly integrate your own ad inventory with OpenX Market and maximize your revenue.
As per OpenX announcement,Key benefits of 2.8 include:
  • Easier Customization: The plugin framework allows you to customize your ad technology and build any plugin you need. You also have access to additional plugins developed by the OpenX community, OpenX and third parties.
  • Revenue Maximization: The OpenX Market plugin allows you to maximize revenue by flowing your inventory directly into OpenX Market.
  • eCPM Optimization: You can further maximize your advertising revenue by using an entirely new eCPM-based revenue optimization system for ad serving prioritization across your remnant CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns.
  • Improved Scalability: Raw data storage has been overhauled by a re-architected distributed statistics technology (bucket logging) to provide significantly improved scalability and reduced storage requirements.
  • Enhanced Usability: The first time you log in to OpenX 2.8, you’ll see significant UI improvements to make OpenX even easier to use.

You can download OpenX 2.8 immediately from OpenX Site and they also provide a pathe to upgrade to 2.8 from any prior version of OpenX.

But if you just want manage your Ads and ad campaigns and not run a bunch of Linux, LAMP WAMP servers and software, you should inquire or learn more about OpenX Hosted from OpenX Professional Services. Either way, you will be served!

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