Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ads With Your Google News

Ads with your Google news seems to be the newest addition to the Google Advertising. The ads will appear when you search on Google News provided you are from USA. The Google Ads are similar to what you get with Google Search or with Google Book Search.
The ads themselves are experiments based on different formats like overlay ads, embedded videos from partners. Publishers and advertisers will benefit from these experiments as usual.
I have a screen cap searching for Google Phone related news, for those people who are out side of USA and do not know how to uses a proxy! :)
Google News Blog: Ads in Google News search results

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Kyle Austin said...

Very interesting, I want to see what Robert Thompson has to say about Google now..

Anonymous said...

Yep, an ad shows up prompting to find him, if you type Robert Thompson into news search!

ravenII said...

Hi Kyle, Thank you for visiting. Yes I think News Papers need to refocus. They have been doing the same for centuries now. May be Robert will have to say "Google ads value to everything it touches, including news!"

Thanks to anon too!