Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MACWORLD 2009, Live Coverage! One Of The Best Marketing Event

Techcrunch is covering the Mac World Expo 2009 live and I am watching it on my iPhone, time to time!
"9:36 - Whoa crazy. The video jittering fix (stabilization) actually works really well.
For example: If you have two videos of the same scene but with differing angles you can stitch them together for a smooth transition like in Hollywood!
9:33 - Precision Editor allows you to transition separate videos together in an extremely precise manner.
Oh sweet. When you skim a video you can grab a segment of it and drop it on top of another video and just select the audio to overlay.
9:31 - The new drop down menu in iMovie looks surprisingly like the new BlackBerry OS.
Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect of Video Apps is on stage to give a demo of iMovie.
9:30 - iMovie smooths out some video jitter.
“Precision Editor” for more precise editing along the timeline
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